October 07, 2022

People who are not stingy with praise will be happier!

Praise is very important to each of us. It is like sunshine. Without it, we cannot blossom and grow. However, in our life and work, many people just provide others with a cold breeze of criticism, rather than a sunshine of praise. Sometimes even if we give it, it is a little reluctant to give.

1. Praise can make people feel happy

A word of praise can bring a lot of pleasure. My friend Beckman knows this well.

Beckman likes to travel around the world, wherever he goes, he tries to learn a little bit of the local language. He is not a linguist, but he knows how to say compliments in different languages. He would say “You are so beautiful” to a mother holding a child, and he would say “You are a great father” to a salesman who works hard to raise the child’s tuition. He would be tired of a The waiter in the restaurant said, “Your service is very good.” This small compliment has won him friends all over the world.

So, as long as you have the heart to praise others, one sentence can make others feel happy, and at the same time make yourself happy.

2. Praise creates greater life value

To prove the value of praise, American psychologist Walter Michel conducted an experiment on a class in a school. Michelle divided the entire class into three groups. In five days, one group of students continued to give praise for their previous performance, the other group was criticized, and the third group was ignored.

As a result, the scores of those who were praised increased significantly, those of those who were criticized also increased, and the scores of the ignored group of students hardly improved. Through this experiment, Michelle also discovered an interesting phenomenon: Those who are criticized for being smarter get as much help from the teacher as those who are praised, but the students with weak mental capacity respond poorly to criticism. , And more need to be praised.

Teachers also agree on the value of praise. “When a student turns in an assignment that exceeds his usual level in some respect, he is very eager for the teacher to write a complimentary comment on the workbook. Even if the comment is short, it will make him very pleased and deep. Encouraged.” said Benny Porter, a natural science teacher at a middle school in New York City.

Therefore, we need to criticize, but also to praise. The value of praise can enable a person to create greater life value.

3. Praise can bring vitality to people

The senior management of many companies, their work style is usually stereotyped, often described by their subordinates as ruthless, indifferent, or detached from the masses. What these executives need to change most is to learn to praise employees. I believe that after they learn to speak or write some inspiring words, they will surely be able to narrow the distance between them and their employees, so that the company will look new and the business will flourish.

Donald Peters, the giant of the automobile manufacturing industry and former chairman of Ford, has the habit of writing notes to encourage employees every day. The company came out of a trough in the 1980s, thanks in large part to him. “I just scribbled a few words of affirmation or compliment on a piece of paper I brought, and then passed it on.” He said, “Actually, many managers don’t realize that the most important time in a day’s work It is the 10 minutes spent inspiring those who work for you.”

Donald Peters also said: “In fact, many times, people around us don’t really know how we feel about him. We often hold this kind of thinking: I haven’t said anything critical to him, why do we need to say some good things? We forget that people need to be further affirmed, especially when he has done something meaningful. In fact, each of us (including what you like and dislike) is relying on these compliments and affirmations And progress, grow!”

So, what should I say about those words that are inspiring and warm? I think one must be sincere and the other must be pertinent. Because only fools like to listen to false compliments, and pertinent words will make employees feel that you have been paying attention to him, and your compliments are not the same, coping with things, and talking casually. Of course, your praise must also be spontaneous. Spontaneous words of praise are filled with enthusiasm and can bring vitality to people. The hearts of those who receive praise can feel this enthusiasm and vitality for a long time.

3 Praise is a special reward

A painter is praised for a painting, a writer is praised for a novel, and a chef is praised for a meal. However, when your clothes are well washed and ironed, have you ever told the laundromat how happy you are: When you see new newspapers in the newspaper box every day, do you praise the newsboy? These compliments are right. It is a special reward for them.

Praise is especially appreciated by those who do the same things, they are gas station attendants, restaurant waiters, and even housewives. Have you ever walked into a home and said “what a clean room” to the hostess? Almost no one has said that. This is why housework is considered dull and boring work. Compliments are often given to tasks that are relatively easy or satisfying, such as flower arranging, but have nothing to do with dirty and tiring work, such as mopping the floor. Shakespeare said: “Our praise is their reward.” Praise is the only reward a housewife gets. All housewives deserve this kind of remuneration. You wouldn’t be so stingy that you wouldn’t even pay them this little reward, would you?

in fact. The rewards are mutual. When you praise their work, they will work more happily, you will also be happy, or get better service. It does not cost you anything to give compliments, except for a moment of thought and a moment of action-say a word in person, make a phone call, or write a short letter. This is a small investment, but it may produce great results. “I can live on a good compliment for two months.”

Mark Twain said so. Let us carry this small advantage at any time. In this way, we not only bring happiness into the lives of others, but also our lives will add more happiness.