October 05, 2022

Remember! No matter how good the relationship is, these 4 things will die


Judge the lives of others at will

Everyone has his own definition of lifestyle. You may not understand the happiness of others at all, and the happiness in your eyes may be worthless to the other person.

When you use your own eyes to evaluate others at will, you have already broken the bottom line of interpersonal communication.

It’s almost human nature to talk about the length of people. It’s just that some people know how to take measures, but some people talk about it, pay attention to everything in life and work, and record the people they see, words, and books every day. Come down to reflect on your own gains and losses.



Selfishness is an instinctive desire that lies deep in a person’s heart.

Selfishness is the source of all evil, greed, jealousy, revenge, stinginess, vanity and other pathological social psychology. People who are too “selfish” tend to be narrow-minded and only have themselves in their hearts, and no others can appear. They cannot tolerate that others are better than themselves, and their selfish characteristics determine that they can only have themselves in their world. Such people can’t tolerate criticism from others, and can’t suffer a little grievance and unintentional harm, otherwise they will be brooding and waiting for revenge.

People who are too “selfish” tend to be jealous, unable to tolerate other people’s shortcomings, unable to tolerate unintentional offenses and harms from others, and can’t deal with problems in a calm and cheerful attitude.

People who are too “selfish” tend to be short-sighted and difficult to achieve big things. They always look at it from their own point of view, but a person is only limited to his own small circle, only taking care of his own small interests, and ultimately can only harm himself.

We have all heard the story of the blind man playing the lantern. The lighted candles help passers-by to illuminate the road in the dark, and therefore let passers-by notice themselves and avoid being hit. Indeed, if you look at someone else’s gaze to make the other person feel warm, then you naturally attract the attention of others.

If you have no one in your eyes, no matter how fate takes care of you, this life will inevitably be upbeat. Because no matter how good your pretense is, you will eventually expose your selfish nature. The serious ones will harm others and benefit yourself, touch the bottom line of morality, and eventually harm others and yourself, turning into a street mouse.

People who have someone in their eyes have a kind heart, with a tolerant understanding, and if they don’t mean others, they will naturally be at peace in their hearts. There is a good saying, don’t punish yourself with others’ mistakes.

People who have someone in their eyes will get along with themselves, it is not difficult for themselves, not to worry, and not to be evil. People who have someone in their eyes can make people feel comfortable and get along well. This is a quality that has been cultivated since childhood. It is simple to say but difficult to do. It is a culture that cannot be bought by gold.


Negativity, complaints

What is a negative person like?

You say the weather is good, he says it’s too dry; you say fried chicken is delicious, he says high calories will make you fat…

In fact, what he said was right, but he always only saw the bad side of things. Negative people see that everything is not good, always full of pessimism, and even spread this emotion to you.

Negative complaints are a terrible vicious circle. The more incompetent people complain, the poorer people complain, the poorer people complain, the more they complain, the more they like to make excuses, the more excuses, the more they shirk responsibility, and the more they shirk the responsibility, the more incompetent.

Complaining is a terrible self-deception. Those who like to complain must be cowardly and dare not bear it on their own, but push the responsibility to life and others, deceiving themselves and others, living painful and humble. Through complaining, we only see the mistakes of others, but cover up our own faults and mistakes, thus making ourselves deeper and deeper.

Complaining is a terrible negative energy, which makes people lose the peace and beauty of life. There is a Spanish proverb: “If you shed tears a lot, you can’t see the stars.” I like this sentence very much, so even if I want to cry, I only cry in the afternoon. If I go to see the stars at night, I don’t have time to cry. Besides, I have to go pick fruit.

Whether it is to your relatives or colleagues, your complaints are a kind of poison. It destroys your will and reduces your enthusiasm. It can only let others see your weakness and incompetence.


Can’t keep secrets

Most people are straightforward, outspoken, impulsive people speak without barriers, and have no heart, and this kind of people have few secrets in their hearts. Tell these people to keep secrets. They, they are hard to bear, so these people are very difficult. Keeping secrets is often the disseminator of secrets-spreading rumors and telling people that secrets are done by people who lack quality and morality. The truly unintentional and quality people still know what to say and not to say.

In this world, learning to talk is a very important ability, but learning to keep secrets is even more important. If a friend tells us the secret in our heart, we can’t help but tell the third person, the fourth person…It is conceivable that this will make the other person extremely insecure and lose trust in us.

Let your family rest assured of you, your superiors can rest assured of you, your subordinates can rest assured of you, your friends can rest assured of you, and your enemies should not “rest assured” of you. The person who wins the hearts of the people wins the world. “Reliable” contains a person’s character and reflects The cultivation of a person.

Only when others are assured of you will they be willing to talk to you and talk to you.