September 30, 2022

What is most important among friends?

Regarding interpersonal relationships, I gradually came up with a principle that best suits my temperament, which is to respect each other, to be close to each other, and to follow each other. I believe that all good friendships are formed naturally, not deliberately. I also think that no matter how good friends are, there should be a distance. Friendships that are too lively are often empty.

What makes an interaction valuable is not the interaction itself, but the individual value of the person who interacts. High-quality friendship always occurs between two outstanding independent personalities, and its essence is mutual appreciation and respect for each other. Therefore, it is important to make yourself truly valuable and worthy of being a high-quality friend. This is the primary contribution a person can make to friendship.

Among friends, the most important thing is respect.

Your friend confided to you a secret, you must keep a secret and not tell others. Maybe your friend confided this secret to others. You still have to treat it as if only you know it, and don’t let you spread the secret.

You must show up when your friends need you most. However, this cannot be a reason to think that you therefore have the right to appear in front of him at any time. Even to your best friend, you don’t have this right.

When your friend is in great happiness or great grief, you must know how to be silent and not disturb him. This is also a kind of respect and education.

Getting along with people, if you feel extra relaxed, and feel the real teachings in the relaxed, I am sure that you must have met your kind, even if you are engaged in completely different professions.

The deepest distinction between people is not in the profession, but in the soul.

A certain philosopher said: Friends are like clothes, they wear old ones and need to be updated from time to time. My opinion is the opposite: friends are just the few old clothes that are reluctant to change. Of course, you might as well wear new clothes, but whether you can become friends or not is not known until you wear the old clothes. People who change friends frequently have no real friends.

Friendship is tolerant. Because of this, once friends turn against each other, they are often irreparable, indicating that their differences must be very serious, and they have reached the point of intolerance.

It is only between good friends that a breakup can happen. The deeper the relationship in the past, the more difficult it is to repair the cracks, and maintaining a general relationship seems too unnatural. As for people who were originally acquaintances in general, accomplices and non-accompaniment are dichotomy, and there is no talk of breaking up.

People with extraverted personality tend to get many friends, but there are always few true friends. Introverts are lonely, and once they get friends, it is often true.