October 07, 2022

10 performance signs that you are too stressed

If you have been subjected to strong psychological pressure in your life, you may feel that you are not like yourself more and more, just like a tired body. When you are thinking “I will be driven to death by this pressure”, you probably didn’t try to alleviate the pain, but just let it go. However, doing so will only delay and worsen the problem at hand. If it is not suppressed, it will only bring long-term negative effects to your body. Before stress can completely dominate you, you must understand the following major stress signs.

1. Fatigue

If you get enough sleep at night, but still have difficulty getting up every day, then you are likely to suffer from clinical fatigue. Jane Pernotto Ehrman, a master of education, a behavioral health expert at the Cleveland Clinic Health Institute, once reported: “Stress is like a squeezer of energy, because stress will invisibly overwork your bodily functions.” If your bodily functions feel working Excessive, even a good night’s sleep will not make you full of energy the next day. In life, we need to take some actions to relieve stress so that your body can function well.

2. Can’t sleep

Ironically, although you are too tired to speak, the more stressed you are, the less able to fall asleep. Stress-related insomnia mainly stems from your inability to stop thinking about life responsibilities, that is, whenever your body is still in “overwork mode”. Of course, due to the inability to fall asleep, you will become more tired the next day, and this will only increase your stress load.

3. Always sick

Obviously, if you have sleep disorders, diseases will follow. During the stressful period, your body has been overloaded with work, so that there is no time to really recover from the diseases that have quietly entered your body. Studies have found that people’s immune system will be reduced by 30% during periods of severe stress. Taking a day of “mental health leave” is also a euphemism for “not working”, but sometimes you must have such a “vacation” if you want to maintain a healthy mind and body.

4. Forgetfulness

The stress is mainly because you have to do too many things at once. With the gradual approach of major work and life responsibilities, it is difficult to solve all the small things. If you often forget where to put your keys or often forget appointments and meetings, your stress is likely to reach your limit. Don’t let it go at this time, and if necessary, take the initiative to seek help.

5. Chronic headaches and body aches

Too much stress, your body will enter a high tension mode. The fatigue caused will not only affect your concentration, but also cause physical strain. Your body will naturally produce an “attack or escape” reaction mechanism, which is mainly derived from the human phenomenon of early humans avoiding carnivores. Nowadays, we no longer worry about being attacked due to the presence of lions or bears, and our bodies will respond in the same way when faced with the stress caused by work and other lives. Why do you think that after a day’s work, shoulder massage will refresh your body and mind? Because your body has been highly stressed for the past 8 hours, dealing with those tedious tasks.

6. Decreased libido

When you are stressed and have a lot of things to think about, your libido will drop. This may make you even more frustrated and hope that you can exercise more in bed, but when the opportunity comes, you will find yourself unable to concentrate, or ruthless. You can reduce stress by exercising regularly.

7. Too emotional

Santa Cruz psychologist Dr. Lucie Hemmen explained, “When you are stressed, the brainstem-the most primitive part of the brain-will dominate your emotions, and the parts that expect results will be blurred.” Explains why stress makes us cry for things that cannot be changed, or when someone honks at you without anger. Remember when I was a child, I often stayed up late or giggled? In the same way, your body is overloaded and tired, so that a small thing may irritate you, even if you act like a fool. When you become an adult, you will put your middle finger at him because someone accidentally touched him on the subway, which is not good.

8. Difficulty in digestion

I cannot describe the effect of stress on physical discomfort. When you enter the parking lot of the office, the sudden feeling of nausea directly reflects your stress today. But this is not a simple stomach rumbling. The digestive problems it causes can cause vomiting or other problems.

9. Feeling dizzy

Everyone knows that when you are under pressure, take a deep breath and relax, right? When you feel nervous and afraid, this can hint you to breathe. Kick off the instinct, short breathing can cause hypoxia, which can lead to dizziness, shaking, and even loss of consciousness. Don’t hold back in your heart when the heavy pressure is overwhelming. Try to control the situation when you are seriously injured physically and mentally.

10. Dependence on items

After a hard day of work, maybe you just want to go home, drink a cold beer and watch TV. Of course it’s not wrong to go home and drink a glass of beer or two, but it’s not so suitable to relax with beer. It is very likely that you will wake up the next morning under more stress than the night before. If one day, you find yourself relying more on drugs or alcohol to relieve stress, then you should seek help immediately.