October 05, 2022

The lives of others are not necessarily as glamorous as we see!

Some people often say to me like this: You see how good your life is now, you are young, you have a house, a car, you also have children, and the work pay is good. Now this society is not easy.

In fact, I just want to say, who knows the bitterness behind me.

Every month, I have to pay back all kinds of credit cards, plus the children’s milk powder, diapers, and various expenses for the family. The wife takes care of the children and does not have a job. Every month, I have to give my parents some money. , Seven or eight people, who is easy!

I get up at six o’clock every morning to work, and you are still sleeping;

I have to work overtime on weekends, but you are sleeping until you wake up naturally;

Whenever I have time, I always think about doing some part-time jobs to make money, and I don’t let anything go, but you can have tea and chat with friends.

In fact, when I see your life state, I envy you, but I dare not tell you, make you laugh, or think that I am pretending.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, I am naturally inspired.

But if you can, who wants to choose to be born with inspiration, this is not because life is forced, there is no choice!

A 33-year-old leftover girlfriend said: Maybe in the eyes of many people, I am very chic, two suites, brightly dressed. But who knows my suffering is not that I don’t want to get married, but that I want a little financial foundation to get married again. Now every month, I have been demanded by the bank for debts. There is a shortage of business funds, and I suffer from insomnia every day. If you can be a young grandmother at home, who wants to come out and run to the construction site every day.

Perhaps you are complaining about your parents’ nagging, but you know that people who are drifting outside hope that they have the ability to hold their parents by their side;

Maybe you are complaining about the low salary, but you can’t imagine the executives staying up all night because they can’t complete various tasks.

Each family has its own difficulties at the life and over and cherish.