September 27, 2022

Distance produces beauty: No matter how good the relationship is, don’t get too close!

When I was young, I made friends and wanted to be tied up with my friends every day; in a relationship, I wanted to know where and what the other person was doing all the time. I feel that as long as the other person keeps his distance, the relationship is no longer good. But when people reach middle age, they have suffered a lot, they have seen through many things, and they know the relationship between people, no matter how good the relationship is, don’t get too close.

In fact, it is true. Whether it is between friends, relatives, or even husband and wife, a certain distance must be maintained so as not to lose the original beauty.

1. Keep a safe distance between men and women

No one can guarantee that you have no friends of the opposite sex. When you are young, you can hang your shoulders together and be alone. There is no problem, but after middle age, when you get along with friends of the opposite sex, you must keep a distance, whether you like it or not. .

In middle age, everyone formed their own family. If you have a partner, if you still don’t know how to score, you’re causing trouble to the other’s family. No one wants your lover to have a relationship with the opposite sex other than yourself. Moreover, middle-aged men and women will inevitably have dissatisfaction with their current lives. If they are too close to other sexes, they will inevitably do things that are difficult to turn back.

2. Between relatives, learn to be grateful

Although they are relatives, everyone has their own family, and everyone will work hard for the benefit of their family. No one asks the poor in the downtown, and the rich has distant relatives in the mountains. Regardless of poverty or wealth, relatives help you is a sentiment, not helping you is a duty, the icing on the cake is always there, not many charcoal in the snow.

For relatives, you can’t kidnap them morally. People are not so obligated to force them to do something for you in the name of relatives. Don’t interfere with your relatives’ housework or help make important decisions. Sometimes, you treat you like a family member, but they treat you as an outsider, and they may even think that you are a dog and a mouse. Between relatives, knowing how to measure, know how to advance and retreat, and immoral kidnapping, the relationship can last.

3. Leave personal space between lovers

When the couple reaches middle age, they are not too tired and crooked, and “love” is no longer as simple as a word of mouth. Companion is the longest confession.

Middle-aged couples, no matter how affectionate they are, they must also have personal space to allow each other to do what they like to do. Leaving personal space does not mean distrust, but a manifestation of mutual trust. Couples who love the same can accompany each other, and couples who love differently, don’t force each other, this is also an expression of love.