October 05, 2022

8 Personality Killers in the Workplace: Inferiority Complex

Graduation is approaching, and a large number of students are about to enter the workplace. Occupational psychology experts said that 85% of the success in the workplace is whether there is good interpersonal relationships.

1. Self. In order to maximize their own interests, some people do not hesitate to make small reports, spoil others’ business or even slander others’ reputation. Self-centeredness will be intolerable in the workplace because it harms the interests and dignity of others.

2. Suspicious. “The boss’s black face today must be aimed at me, what should we do?” Some people are very sensitive and doubt everything. Such people are often insecure and worry that others will hurt themselves.

3. Hypocrisy. Some people are good at talking sweet words and giving “sugar-coated cannonballs”, which were acceptable at first. But over time, not only will you fail to make real friends, but your own psychology will also be suppressed.

4. Coldness. Yang Dong emphasized that indifference is a taboo in interpersonal communication. This kind of person may be out of some wrong understanding, such as thinking that “cool” is their personality, or they may be out of introverted personality. This kind of person loses the opportunity to know others and also loses the opportunity to let others know themselves.

5. Closed. Everyone wants to close the door once in a while to keep the noise out. If you are too closed, you will become lonely or even autistic. Knowledge, experience and way of thinking will rapidly age, losing competitiveness and attractiveness.

6. Rebellion. Moderately rebellious people are maverick, daring to innovate, and inject fresh blood into the team. However, if you are too rebellious and deliberately stand up to others in order to be different, it will be difficult to integrate into the group and even unable to communicate with others.

7. Jealousy. Whether jealousy will bring fatal effects on interpersonal relationships depends on whether this psychology is manifested in behavior. If you just think about it in your heart, it’s human nature, and if you really want to be noticed, you can admit it and ridicule yourself. If it develops to harm or slander others, it may become a “crossing rat”.

8. Inferiority complex. Modern urban life pursues efficiency. People with low self-esteem in this environment lack communication skills and independent opinions, and often lose many opportunities to show their advantages.