October 05, 2022

The highest EQ is to work with gratitude

Gratitude will open a magical door to you, discover your infinite potential, and welcome you with more and better job opportunities and success opportunities.

Before his son entered the society, a father warned his son three sentences: “When you meet a good leader, you must work for him faithfully; if you have a good salary for your first job, then you are lucky. Work hard in order to be grateful and cherish good luck; if the salary is not ideal, you must know how to hone your skills at work.”

This father is undoubtedly wise. All young people should keep these three sentences deep in their hearts and always act according to this principle.

Perhaps every job is not perfect, but we still have to thank the working environment, thank the boss, thank every job opportunity, and work with gratitude. Even if you are below others at first, don’t worry about it, and actively treat each task as a new beginning, a new experience, and a door to success.

Because every job has valuable experience and resources, such as the frustration of failure, the joy of success, the strictness of the boss, the competition between colleagues, etc., these are all the feelings and experiences that any worker must experience to succeed. forging.

Programmer Stevens worked in a software company for eight years, and just as he did it well, the company went bankrupt. At this time, it coincided that his third son had just been born, and he had to find a new job immediately.

There was a software company recruiting programmers and the pay was very good. Stevens applied for the job confidently. With excellent professional knowledge, he easily passed the written test. He will attend the interview in two days and he is full of confidence.

But during the interview, the examiner asked questions about the future development direction of the software. He had never considered this issue, and he was eliminated.

But the company’s understanding of the software industry refreshed him. He wrote a letter of thanks to the company: “Your company has spent manpower and material resources to provide me with opportunities for written examinations and interviews. Although I failed, I have gained a lot of insights. Thank you for your work, thank you!” The letter went through. It was circulated at various levels and was later delivered to the president.

Three months later, Stevens unexpectedly received the company’s offer letter. It turned out that this company saw his grateful character and naturally thought of him when there was a vacancy. This company is the American Microsoft Corporation. More than ten years later, Stevens became Microsoft’s vice president with outstanding performance.

In enterprises, those who know how to be grateful will be more welcome. In fact, when many well-known companies are recruiting employees, they value not only their professional knowledge, but the way they handle problems and the speed with which they integrate into the company. In other words, whether they can be a steadfast person with a grateful heart. work.

However, there are many employees who can be grateful for the help of a stranger, but ignore the bounty of the boss who gets along day and night. They take all this for granted, as a purely commercial exchange relationship.

And the oil king Rockefeller once wrote in a letter to his son: Now, whenever I think of the company I used to work for, when I think of my boss Hewitt and Mr. Tuttle, I feel grateful. That working life was the beginning of my life’s struggle and laid the foundation for my success. I will always be grateful for the three and a half years of experience. Therefore, I have never complained to the boss like some people said: “We are just slaves. We are pressed on the dust by our employers, but they are enjoying themselves in the beautiful villa, high above them. Their safes are filled with gold, they Every dollar we own is obtained by squeezing honest workers like us. I don’t know if these people who complain have ever thought about who gave them the opportunity to work? Who gave them the possibility of building a family? Let them get the possibility to develop themselves? If they are already aware of the oppression of others, why not just leave and end the oppression? Work is an attitude that determines whether we are happy or not.”

It is true that employment and being employed are a contractual relationship, but behind this contractual relationship, can there be no element of gratitude?

It is precisely because we have this job opportunity that we have the material to survive and the stage to realize the value of life; our ingenuity has a budding land; our life experience can be enriched; our ability and talent Opportunity and space to be displayed. So, why not tell your leader and thank him for giving you the opportunity?

Of course, everyone’s success is inseparable from their own efforts. But no matter how perfect and wise your behavior is, you can’t help but be grateful to others.

Think about each of your actions, when is there no other person’s help? It is the understanding and support of colleagues, as well as the knowledge that you usually learn from them, that give you opportunities for success and promotion.

Anthony said: “The first step to success is to have a grateful heart, always be grateful for your current situation, and at the same time have respect and gratitude for everything others have done for you. The responsibility of the leader One is thank you.”

A person who was promoted from an ordinary employee to general manager said: “When I first arrived at this company, I was just an ordinary employee with no experience. Why was I promoted to general manager in just two years? This is because, I often go to work with a grateful heart. I thank my boss for giving me the opportunity, and I thank my colleagues for their care and help. It is this kind of gratitude that makes me work harder and I have to do my best Come in return for all this, but I didn’t expect life to give me even greater returns.”

Going to work with gratitude is not only beneficial to the company and the boss, gratitude can bring more things worthy of gratitude. This is an eternal law in the universe. Benedict said: “Being favored by others is not a virtue, but repaying one’s favor. Virtue arises when one has a heart of gratitude.” Don’t think that work is plain and boring. When you go to work with gratitude, You can easily become a person of noble character, a person with more affinity and influence, and a person with a unique personal charm.

You have to believe that gratitude will open a magic door for you, discover your infinite potential, and welcome you with more and better job opportunities and success opportunities.