September 30, 2022

How to deal with criticism and ridicule

How to face criticism and ridicule in life. First of all, let’s talk about criticism. Everyone has the experience of being criticized. In fact, how to face criticism correctly is an important topic for people like learning culture.

Because of the degree of acceptance of criticism, the coping method directly affects a person’s character and development. For example, some criticisms leave a deep psychological impression, which will affect a person’s character, will be uncertain about oneself, and thus affect development. Some may even fall to the root of the disease and form social fear.

There are still most people in life who don’t affect themselves because of criticism, such as those with thick skin like me. Never be sad, angry, or even criticized for giving up.

When we understand the types and reasons of criticism, our feelings about criticism will be relatively objective, and our influence on ourselves will be less.

There are three kinds of criticism in real life. One is that what you have done is really hard to be criticized. When you encounter such criticism, you can actually accept it calmly, and there is no need to worry about what you have done is not good enough, because life is a process of learning. No one can make things perfect without learning.

So everyone will make mistakes, but everyone’s mistakes are different, just like some things you can’t do well, others can do well, in fact, there are many things you can do well that others can’t do well. Therefore, by looking at your mistakes objectively, you can better change them.

Especially those who have just set foot on the job, don’t put too much pressure on themselves, because not doing well is a normal process, in other words, every time you do not do well, it is a good prerequisite to do later.

In the face of such criticism, we can roughly say “Ah! I know!” This ah! It is a sudden realization, a process of psychological acceptance, and you will find that acceptance is more comfortable than finding reasons to prove that you are not wrong.

When looking for a reason to prove that I was right, there is actually a feeling in my consciousness that I did something wrong. At this time, the two psychology will conflict. As long as there is a conflict between the psychology, you will feel uncomfortable.

The thinking process of “I got it” is actually looking at the problem itself, that is, where the error is. At this time, the brain is already working, thinking about how to do this best. This process offsets the inner shame of criticism and sees how to face errors correctly.

This criticism will not leave a deep imprint on the psychology, but establish a positive concept. It has a positive effect.

If you focus on the language of criticism when you encounter such criticism, you will ignore things and the improprieties of what you have done, and it will cause psychological harm. There is also a consequence that when you encounter similar things again, it is likely to be Make mistakes. This is the reason why many people are criticized repeatedly at work. Over time, they will deny themselves, and a considerable part of them will become social barriers and social fears.

The second category of criticism and accusation is specious. Such criticisms and accusations are usually directed by leaders to subordinates, small leaders to employees, and people who think they are experienced to novices.

You don’t need to take this kind of criticism too seriously. Many times, in order to show your own identity and respect, criticism can be expressed in a few words or in a friendly way.

In this case, if the criticized person allows himself to fully absorb the criticism, it will not only affect the mood, but also reduce self-confidence, which will lead to fear in doing things in future life.

This is a bad idea. Think about whether you are losing a lot. Still the same sentence, how big the heart is, how big the stage is. Psychological energy determines strength and indirectly affects success or failure. So when faced with such language of criticism and accusation, really don’t absorb it, let alone settle it.

The third type of criticism and accusation is actually the most boring. It is the type of envy and jealousy and standing and talking. When a person is envied and hated by the other party, the other party will find some reasons to criticize and criticize in order to find a balance in his heart. When faced with such a criticism and accusation, ignoring is to treat yourself kindly, and it is also the most worry-free way of coping.

There will be some people in life who have accepted such criticisms, corrected and adjusted themselves in various ways, and finally found that they could not find themselves, and they did not win the approval of others, and struggled with pain.

This kind of criticism is very common in life, and those who criticize others, usually do not do well by themselves, but are very good at talking and making comments on others. They enjoy this kind of comment very much. On the one hand, they support themselves and appear to understand, on the other hand, they gain a sense of self-existence.

Therefore, when we encounter criticisms and accusations, we should first take a look at the situation. If it is not pertinent, then we must let ourselves go. Don’t take such criticisms to heart and become a burden in our hearts.

There will be some people at work who feel that they are very bad, unmotivated, and directionless. Is there always no motivation and direction? Rarely does it happen! They have also been full of ambition and motivation, ready to spread their wings and soar. It was only hit during the test flight, and it was crossed.

The process of being defeated is like this. When I was criticized at first, I was a little shy and self-blaming, but I was more motivated and told myself to work hard and make progress. With more and more criticisms and accusations, it will enter a period of discouragement. If you start to adjust yourself in this discouragement, if you still encounter such criticisms during this adjustment, then you will enter a period of loss of confidence, and this period will also Make adjustments, but if there is no effect, self-confidence will not be found, and it will enter a gloomy state of self-denial.

Depression has been practiced in this way. Criticism is sometimes a spear. We have to pick up a shield to prevent it. What is laughter? When others laugh at you, it doesn’t matter if you are not good enough, no one has never been laughed at, and no one is perfect. There is another possibility that you have something that they are jealous of, such as personality. They want to show but can’t do so for various reasons. So mocking is actually the same as criticism. We should also take ourselves out of it appropriately.