October 05, 2022

White-collar workers over the weekend to relieve stress method

How do white-collar workers in a high-pressure environment seize the weekend to decompress? As the pace of social life continues to accelerate, people’s psychological burden is also increasing. For office workers, pressure is very common, both from work, from relationships, as well as from family and other factors. In short, there are many kinds of pressure, and absolute ease does not exist. The pressure is like a flood, and when it accumulates to a certain extent, it needs to be released.

On the weekend again, how to release the pressure at work, how to spend a happy and relaxing weekend, how to adjust the frustration reaction and actively respond to each workday in the future? “Weekend decompression” has become a popular life for many people, and the form is also Various.

White-collar workers play missing decompression on weekend

The fast pace of life and the intense work pressure of modern people make people breathless. Slowing down life and returning to nature has become a fashion, and people have begun to slow down and enjoy life. “Playing missing” on weekends, neither turning on the phone nor answering the phone, watching TV or chatting online, unpaid nor shopping on the street, running to the mountains in free time, doing nothing except eating and sleeping to enjoy the natural scenery… …Become a weekend relaxation method that many white-collar workers are passionate about. They are even keen on online appointments to “disappear” suddenly on weekends-to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, to get out of the stressful state of work, and to be truly free people to relieve their psychological pressure.

“Missing” is like recharging the body. Many “missing people” said that it feels good to be “missing” on weekends. In the short few days when they “disappeared”, they either took short trips, watched movies, or read books, slept in, cleaned, and dated strangers… As long as it was something that had nothing to do with work, they played whatever they thought of. Even if the weather is bad, even if you are in a daze at home, you can really relax and feel physically and mentally happy.

In addition to the decompression method under the name of “Missing Weekend”, weekend decompression groups such as Zhai, Haoji, and Fighters have also emerged. It is a good way for modern people to reduce stress and relax.

Good rest effect on weekends

After a week of work, it finally ushered in a weekend of rest. It’s a good choice to play around and “shield” work tiredness to release it wantonly, but

Arrange the rest time reasonably, otherwise, you will be up and down for a few days when you return to work, so it is also important to seize the weekend to rest and rest. For otaku who don’t like to go out, how to rest and sleep well on weekends is of great benefit.

Do personal hygiene and environmental hygiene before going to bed. For example, to create a comfortable and quiet sleeping environment, foot bath before going to bed. The function of the bedroom is purely for sleeping. Don’t do too many other things in the bedroom, and don’t think about what to do the next day in bed. You can write down your anxiety or worries and possible solutions on paper 15 minutes before you go to bed, so that you don’t always remind yourself what to do. If the troubles of the day accompany you to bed, then you have to tell yourself that you will deal with these things the next day.

Change bad habits. The first thing white-collar workers should do during weekend breaks is to put aside the work, do not bring the pressure and troubles of going to work into the weekend breaks, go home after get off work and take a hot bath to relieve fatigue and relieve stress. Dinner should be as light as possible and easy to digest, 70% to 80% full. Don’t play too late at night, drink moderately and smoke less, so as not to affect the quality of sleep.

Strengthen sports and physical exercise. On weekends, you should try to avoid unnecessary socializing and leave more time to yourself or your family. Watch TV, or casual magazines, listen to music, chat with family or friends, strengthen exercise and physical exercise, and spend the weekend in a relaxed and happy way.

There are tricks to say goodbye to stress easily

In fact, whether it is a working day or a weekend, master reasonable decompression methods, and every working day can become a happy holiday. Let’s take a look at these 7 great methods! Let’s say goodbye to work pressure easily and turn every workday into a happy weekend!

1. Dinner with colleagues

It’s best to have dinner with colleagues on weekdays, and don’t order takeaways to eat at the desk alone. You know, gatherings can not only increase the bonding power and intimacy between you and your colleagues, but also eliminate the feeling of loneliness during the working day and help reduce psychological pressure.

2. Move around more work intervals

Physical activity is a good mood regulator. Therefore, when you have free time between work, get up and walk around. Even if you go downstairs to buy a cup of coffee, you can get a good decompression effect.

3. Call your girlfriend to chat

Active chat with your girlfriends can not only bring you closer, but also help you release your mental stress. Studies have found that even if only chatting for 5 minutes, it can have a good decompression effect.

4. Do good deeds

The latest research by Konstanz University in Germany found that doing good deeds can give you more satisfaction and a sense of belonging, so as to suppress the mental pressure brought by busy work and forget the unhappiness in life. No matter what kind of deeds, even just donate a few books to mountain students or donate a packet of cat food to stray cats.

5. Be the truest self

Position yourself clearly, open your mind to communicate with colleagues and friends, you can release pressure and inspire your love for life and enthusiasm for work.

6.3 minutes of quick relaxation

Everyone knows that massage can completely relax people, but according to the latest research in Anxiety and Depression, listening to soothing music while breathing deeply can reduce people’s anxiety by about 40%, which is the same as receiving three months of massage therapy. The effect achieved is the same.

7. Less complaints

Complaining about unfair things in the office is definitely not a wise move. Psychologists say that this will only make you psychologically and physically frustrated. Calm down, complain less, talk more about positive things, such as weekend outing plans, etc., to make you spend the work day happily.