September 27, 2022

How to overcome mental fatigue in the workplace?

With the intensification of social competition and increasing work pressure, more and more urbanites feel exhausted physically and mentally. The psychological fatigue caused by work pressure has brought new psychological crisis to urban people.

What are the manifestations of workplace mental fatigue?

According to psychologists, workplace mental fatigue is mainly manifested as tiredness of work, unwillingness to get up, increased lateness to work, irritability when handling official duties, distracted attention, slow thinking, slow response, and increased forgetting rate.

So, under what circumstances is it easy to produce mental fatigue?

Expert analysis believes that because urban people often sit in the office, they often suffer from backaches and legs, as well as occupational diseases caused by some special types of work. Physical fatigue can cause psychological fatigue; the demand for diversified talents in enterprises has increased. The uncertainty of the future workplace has caused pressure to the employees to a large extent; in addition, psychological fatigue will occur when the personal goal encounters development bottleneck.

The survey shows that because white-collar women are not less stressed than men, but they bear more social responsibilities and pressures than men, white-collar women are more likely to fatigue physically and mentally. Faced with work pressure, women are more likely to show emotional fatigue reactions.

The loss of workplace mental fatigue is huge

Psychological fatigue in the workplace is not just a small personal emotional problem, it has become a social problem that cannot be ignored. According to a survey by American research institutes: The annual economic loss of US companies due to employee psychological depression is as high as 305 billion U.S. dollars, which is more than five times the after-tax profits of 500 large companies! According to industry estimates, the loss of occupational stress to companies is at least every year Above 100 million yuan.

The survey also shows that from executives to professionals, to manual workers, 68.2% of people are facing greater work pressure, and 58.5% of them are showing varying degrees of psychological fatigue. The health condition is worrying.

How to overcome mental fatigue in the workplace?

How to overcome mental fatigue in the workplace, Professor Zhou emphasized, is mainly to enhance people’s mental health and mental health.

First of all, strengthen the publicity of mental health knowledge, enhance self-health care ability and awareness, and form an atmosphere of concern for physical and mental health in individuals, families, groups, and society, so as to obtain multiple ways and effective methods to reduce the occurrence of mental health problems;

Carry out self-discipline training, personality analysis and psychological examinations for mental hygiene, improve employees’ psychological endurance, relax themselves, relieve tension, and always participate in life and competition with a peaceful and natural attitude, and can withstand the wind on the road in the future. Wind and rain to help employees overcome physical and mental illnesses and improve their health.