September 27, 2022

Work fast in the workplace, easy to succeed

Many people always complain that the company’s process is unreasonable, other departments do not cooperate, and colleagues are not professional. In their complaints, they slowed down.

Interpersonal relationship expert Stephen Covey proposed the concepts of “circle of concern” and “circle of influence”: the former are the people and things you care about, and the latter are the people and things you can influence.

Positive people pay attention to the latter, do their own thing, and expand their influence; negative people distract attention to the outside and lose initiative. If you want to be successful, you must focus on the “circle of influence”, and the key is to take half a shot as the driving force of the workplace.

Entering the state is half a beat. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., gets up at four o’clock every day, finishes his daily work before 9:30, and then begins to think about more important things.

Most people arrive at the work unit at nine o’clock to make tea, read newspapers, and browse the web. It takes at least half an hour. May wish to get into work half a beat early, make a plan, and make full use of the mentally best time.

Do things half a beat faster than colleagues. There is a young man with a low degree of education, but he is more diligent than others: he arrives half an hour earlier to work, and always submits a report half a day earlier than the deadline. A year later, he was promoted, still “half a beat” faster than his colleagues who came in the same period.

Thinking about the problem quickly. Good subordinates can make the leader not worry: the meeting arrives half an hour earlier than the leader, and the meeting is handled well; when doing the project, plan a few more plans for the leader to choose. This is closer to success!