September 27, 2022

7 psychological healing methods before and after resignation

We are all emotional animals, especially in this era of change. “Anne Hartman, president of CareerIn vestmentStrategies Inc., headquartered in Boston, said. For whatever reason, when we decide to resign and leave the company for which we have worked for a long or short time, there will always be various Different complex and difficult emotions entangle us.

Symptom 1: anger

Your boss is a fool, so you end up saying “for nothing” to him, and then you slam the door out like the plot in the movie. Anger makes you lose your mind.

Prescription: Please remember that if you walk like this, the impression you leave on others will always be negative. Your boss holds the key to your career promotion. Before losing your temper, think more.

Symptom 2: ecstasy

Your new job will bring you 2.5 million dollars in options. When you submitted your resignation, you were urged to have a grand celebration ball. You are soaked in ecstasy, floating lightly in the air.

Recipe: Seal your overexcitement to prevent it from overflowing, and “extreme happiness creates sorrow.” Remember, there is no perfect thing in the world, and no “pie” in vain: even a “dream” job can bring problems.

Symptom 3: Sadness

You know you should be happy because you resigned for a better chance. But you find that you still miss the working atmosphere of the previous company very much.

Prescription: You only need to remember your reason for resigning. Before leaving, you have considered mature, and you will get through this barrier.

Symptom 4: Guilt

When you hand over a job you think you are not doing well enough, you can’t wait to turn back the clock. You want to take on more work, but it’s time for the end of the song, and you are tortured by guilt.

Prescription: You can’t finish all the work by the deadline you leave, and you will definitely feel guilty. Complete the work within your ability, hand over the rest, and then leave.

Symptom 5: Suffering from gains and losses

You have handed in your resignation, but you are always concerned about gains and losses. You always try to pick up the phone and want to ask if you can withdraw your resignation.

Prescription: This kind of “neurosis” before the change of work is too natural. Remind yourself why you chose a new job. When you think about it, you will return to the original you.

Symptom 6: Jealousy

When the news that you have found a new job spreads, your closest friends in the office begin to give you “cold shoulders”.

Prescription: Your close colleagues may feel that you have abandoned them. Ask them for lunch and let them know that your friendship will continue beyond work.

Symptom 7: boredom

In frustration and loss, you live through your last two weeks like years.

Prescription: Do you want to make such an impression? “Oh, that’s the person who made the whole office morale!” You have decided to leave. Why not work harder and optimistically in the last days?