October 07, 2022

8 daily performances of people with high EQ

1. No complaint, no criticism

People with high EQ do not criticize or blame others, do not complain or complain. In fact, complaints and accusations are bad emotions, and they are contagious. People with high EQ only do meaningful things, not meaningless things.

2. Passion and passion

People with high EQ are passionate about life, work and feelings. Arouse your positive emotions and let good emotions accompany every day. Don’t let bad emotions affect life and work.

3. Tolerance and tolerance

People with high EQ are tolerant, broad-minded, and your stage will be as big as your heart and vision. People with high EQ don’t care about anything, and have a tolerant and tolerant heart.

4. Communication and exchange

People with high EQ are good at communication, good at communicating, and be honest, sincere and polite. Communication and exchange is a kind of skill, which needs to be learned, summing up and exploring in practice.

5. Praise others

People with high EQ are good at praising others, and this kind of praise is sincere from the heart. Only those who see the strengths of others will make faster progress, and those who always pick others’ shortcomings will stand still and regress.

6. Keep a good mood

People with high EQ maintain a good mood every day, get up every morning, give themselves a smile, and encourage themselves, telling themselves that they are the best, telling themselves that they are the best, and all the friends around them like them.

7. Good listening habits

People with high EQ are good at listening, listen to what others say, listen carefully to what others are saying, listen more and watch more, rather than surging themselves. Listening is the performance of respecting others, listening is the prerequisite for better communication, and listening is the best kind of communication between people.

8. Be responsible

People with high EQ dare to do and dare to bear, do not shirk responsibility, encounter problems, analyze and solve problems. Face up to one’s own strengths or weaknesses and dare to take responsibility