September 27, 2022

Don’t be a “psychological slave” in the workplace

In modern life, a considerable number of people unknowingly let others control and control, playing the role of “psychological slaves”, they engage in work they hate, live in an environment they don’t like, and do things that go against their will. ……The following specifically introduces the 5 types of “psychological slaves” and the methods of prevention and treatment.

1. The slave of “what others think”

This kind of “psychological slave” is the most common and the most destructive to creativity and personality. It is more common in mentally immature people. “If I talk more, others will think that I am a pushy”, “If I do that, others will laugh at me”… This kind of “others” thinking makes it a slave to “others” thinking. Most of these “psychological slaves” will also listen to the advice of unqualified people, which will seriously affect their creativity.


1-1. If you can feel happy after imitating others, try to imitate. Otherwise, you should live your own way.

1-2. Facing other people’s attitudes and criticisms rationally, because the higher the position, the more chances of being regarded as the object of gossip and the more chances of being criticized.

1-3. Be friends with people who are bold, willing to help, and like-minded people.

2. “Doomed to fail” slaves

This type of “psychological slave” lacks self-awareness, thinks that they are small and cannot really see themselves clearly. They often complain about “I don’t have a good chance”, “I will fail”, “People around me are against me”, “The leader doesn’t value me”… In fact, thinking itself can control the development of things. When a person thinks Whatever he wants, he will really become like that.


2-1. Frequent use of good, positive, and constructive vocabulary to imply oneself will enhance self-confidence. In normal times, try to think about “why can it be done”, and should not revolve around “why can’t be done”.

2-2. I often think “I am going to succeed” and “I am a winner” in my mind. This will strengthen the belief in winning and try to find various ways to “help success”.

3. “It’s too late” slave

This “psychological slave” usually thinks that something should be done at a certain age. For example, some people think that they have missed a good opportunity, and now they are in a dilemma, riding a tiger, and have to resign. Some think that they are too old to go to university at 26, and some think that they are 40 and cannot remarry.


3-1. Don’t pay attention to the age limit, and look for a living example in life.

3-2. Don’t go for it. Work toward your ideals in a planned and step-by-step manner.

4. The slave of “safety”

Many people would rather eat “big pot of rice” than reform. This is a typical “safety” slave. Lack of imagination is a common psychological feature of “safety” slaves. In fact, risks exist objectively. The survival and development of mankind is a process of constant struggle and constant elimination of insecurity.


4-1. Make life rich and colorful.

4-2. Because there are risks, there will be climbing, when there are difficulties, there will be breakthroughs, when there is pressure, there will be rising, and there will be wind and waves to fight. So learn to face all kinds of difficulties and rare and unknown things.

5. Slaves of “Past Errors”

The mind is controlled by the trauma of past failures. Fear of any new attempts is its main feature. Once bitten by a snake, for ten years fear of well ropes. They are discouraged by failure and do not know how to draw lessons from failure. Slaves of “past mistakes” will impair one’s ability to explore, and make people stay away.


5-1. Regarding failure as an investment, you don’t think it is a loss. Some people say that Edison failed 9,999 times in order to create the first practical light bulb, but he himself thinks he has discovered 9,999 methods that are not applicable.

5-2. If the error can be detected in time, it cannot be regarded as an error at all.