October 05, 2022

Worth learning: 4 ways to reduce stress in the workplace

Overworked will not only bring pressure to the body but also to the mind.

Experts analyzed that excessive mental stress often leads to various diseases, or makes people develop some bad habits, such as smothering cigarettes, overeating, etc. These conditions are either fatal or can become fatal diseases.

After get off work, in addition to reading, talking, watching TV at home, going out KTV, sleeping with a head covering, outing, sports, and online chat, what other ways to reduce stress?

1. Violent decompression “Bring a small ball with you and squeeze it secretly when you are depressed.”

Carry a tennis ball, small rubber ball or something with you. When you encounter excessive pressure and need to vent, you can secretly squeeze and pinch. It is obviously better than pinching a colleague’s neck and tearing it hysterically under everyone’s mouth. It is much better to waste paper and beat the table.

2. Food decompression A recent medical study found that certain foods can reduce stress very effectively.

For example, fish oil containing DHA, salmon, white tuna, black tuna, and mackerel are the main sources. In addition, selenium can also effectively reduce stress. Tuna and garlic are rich in selenium. B2, B5 and B6 in the vitamin B family are also good helpers for stress reduction, and can be supplemented by eating more grains.

Between work, you can have a cup of iced coffee to soothe your mood. Of course, if you have too much entertainment and cannot plan your own diet well, or eat too much and can no longer fit in your belly, then put a box of vitamin tablets or cod liver pills in your bag. Feel free to add.

However, experts pointed out that relying on food or vitamins to reduce stress must be persistent, form a habit every day, and slowly see results after one month.

3. Decompression by writing “Write the troubles out”

The American Psychological Association highly praises the way of decompression in writing. What is the content of writing-your stress experience, all your physical and psychological troubles. As early as 1988, some psychologists in the United States had done tests. One group of people wrote about stress and troubles; the other group only wrote about daily and simple topics. There is a cycle every 4 days for 6 weeks. As a result, the former group has a more positive attitude and fewer illnesses. Writing is an effective way to reduce stress, as long as you go anywhere with a pen and a piece of paper.

4. Sleep decompression has strong energy to resist the invasion of stress. Sleep is an important guarantee.

Experts from the American Psychological Association give the following ingenious tips. If the external noise makes it difficult for you to sleep, then artificially create some “white noise”, such as keeping the TV on quietly to cover the annoying noise. Eat a small amount of snacks before going to bed, just a little bit will not make you fat, so that you will not wake up from hunger at night. In addition, foods such as tuna, turkey meat, bananas, hot milk, and herbal teas can be hypnotized.