September 27, 2022

Communicative psychology: details determine whether you are popular

Successology tells us not to ignore details, especially in interpersonal communication. Many times, a thread falling out of your clothes determines the result of your rejection. Your involuntary smile is the beginning of a harmonious relationship between two people. Here are some small details to help you interact with others, so hurry up and see it.

The details of communication make you very popular. Someone wears a small chest ornament on a suit. If you find out and praise it in time, maybe it will make him feel very good about you because of this little thing; someone who has always been indifferent to you People suddenly treat you with a smile, this may be a good start for your relationship; if you change the date from 8:30 to 8:35, you might be able to make others look at you…don’t underestimate this. Communication details! It is often a precursor to great changes in communication. It is often a good opportunity for successful communication without any effort. It is often the “four twos” that spurs the “thousands” of interpersonal relationships! Remember: the subtleties in communication There are plenty of articles to do here.

1. Complimenting others’ “splendid little works”

Everyone, including those with low status and those with a strong sense of inferiority, has something to be proud of. These “shining points” that make them intoxicated may be very small, so small that only he himself knows it, even he himself. Didn’t find it. These “splendid little works” may be, such as good at making a delicious sweet and sour fish, good at folding various paper airplanes, and have a lot of research on folk tales and folk proverbs.

If you praise these little strengths, you will surely please them. You know, from the perspective of gaining popularity, it is more effective to praise small strengths than to praise well-known advantages.

Small things can make big articles. Try to dig out and praise other people’s “successful little works” with your heart. Don’t look at the small ones. In fact, getting bigger in small places is also a great communicative skill, and this skill is not mastered by many people. If you have this set of skills, you can just build a mansion of popularity in the flat ground.

2. Remember the “random words” of others

Everyone’s words are not just golden rules, they are not loud and loud. Some words have been said, and soon, the speaker will forget it or stop paying attention to it. This kind of casual discourse is very useful. If you bring up what he said before at the right time, such as: “You said…to this day I still remember it.” The other person will be very happy because of your attention and think you are a careful person. A person who can make a big difference, a person who cares about others very much. If you not only remember other people’s free words, but also follow his free words, it will be more effective.

“Abandoned gold mines” can also extract brilliant gold! Pay attention to and remember the random words of others. It is actually “a pile of gold ore”. If mined properly, “Personal gold” will make you extremely rich. . Although the casual words of others are subtle, there is plenty to do.

3. Do something unexpected about others

The advertisement of a German bank is famous all over the world, and it says: You live your life, we take care of the details for you. What is the detail? It is often the small thing people accidentally. It is said that after the release of this advertisement, the credibility of this bank has been greatly improved.

This is not the case for an organization. For people, those who pay special attention to details and those who can do other people’s accidental things in a timely manner will make people particularly at ease. Can they be untrustworthy? Doing other people’s accidental things is a way of filling their own image. Important tricks.

A philosopher once said: Any details are of special significance. In this case, let’s do something unexpected by others. This is an important measure for meticulously crafting our own image. People will marvel and admire you for this.

4. Modify your own “communication details”

When talking with others, you might as well raise your eyebrows when you are happy, stare your eyes when you are serious, ask questions frankly, and repeat briefly after listening. In this way, you will leave a good impression of being flexible and good at communication. If you have a well-proportioned rhythm, slow demeanor, solemn action, and steady, then you will have an impression of extraordinary tolerance and calmness.

For other people’s invitations, if you can take out your notebook and write down the date and address of your appointment carefully, then others will think you are a credible person. If you change your appointment time from 8:30 to 8:35, others will think you are a busy and capable person. These are all communicative details, because you modify them, so you can enhance your communicative image. Don’t be small. This is probably related to whether you succeed or avoid failure.

There is a salesperson who is very popular with customers. She sells more goods than other salespersons. Why is this? It turns out that she pays special attention to the details of communication. For example, if someone wants to buy about one kilogram of chocolate, she always grabs 0.9 kilograms of chocolate on the scale, and then adds grain by grain until the scale is full. Unlike other salespersons, first grab something over one kilogram and put it on the scale, then cruelly take it out bit by bit…

Obviously, the practice of this excellent salesperson is pleasant. For another example, when a customer helps her carry the goods, she must say “thank you”. Because helping her get the goods, it can be done or not for the customer, and doing it is a kind of payment, so it is necessary to express gratitude in time. She didn’t turn a blind eye to it like other salespeople. Therefore, she achieved great success, not only with a lot of bonuses, but also with the honorary title of model worker in the city where she was located.

Modifying such communication details is to lubricate the gears of daily life, so that everything goes smoothly; it is to give you wings to take off and help you succeed. Modifying your communication details is the icing on the cake. Pay attention to the subtleties, there are plenty of social articles to do!

5. Pay attention to the “subtle changes” of others

No one is unwilling to accept the care of others, and no one will be disgusted with those who care about themselves. Therefore, if you want to win praise, you need to properly express your concern for others. If you find subtle changes in the other person’s wear, appearance, etc., it is best to point them out immediately. If the other party changes a new tie, you say: “Where did you buy this tie for the first time?” He will happily accept your care and have a good impression of you. Especially women, pay special attention to what you wear. Once someone notices the change in her dress, she will feel heartfelt joy, and the distance between you will be shortened.

Not only between men and women, if any two people do not need to prompt, they can immediately notice the small changes in each other and tell them sincerely. In this way, the relationship between them must be very harmonious. Therefore, people must not be careless about their counterparts, and should pay attention to their trivial matters.