September 27, 2022

Psychoanalysis: 8 tips you need to pay attention to when getting along with people!

1. Pay more attention to details and use care on the blade.

Details determine success or failure, and similarly, details can also determine your image in a person’s mind.

When you get along with others, you can remember them silently when you see them reveal your preferences. Walk with each other next time and take care of each other’s needs in details.

2. Don’t be mean to praise, and don’t give up the right to express anger.

Just as keeping a smile is a prerequisite for good popularity, so is praise. A sincere and not exaggerated compliment will not only bring confidence to people, but you who affirm it will also make others feel “comfortable with you”.

3. Don’t make jokes that are out of date.

Most of the humor in the world has a derogatory connotation, but when you make a joke, don’t take things that others care about, such as family, body shape, appearance, etc., only jokes that the other party finds funny are jokes. If the other party clearly refuses, it is offensive.

4. Don’t deny others subconsciously.

When dealing with others, there is a way of speaking that makes me feel particularly uncomfortable, that is, no matter what you say, the other person will refute you. If you want to offer help, don’t use interrogative sentences.

Communication is a very important part of being a person. In many cases, because of improper tone, we will do bad things with good intentions, which will also cause psychological pressure on the other party.

5. There is a relationship, don’t just accept the good of others without giving back.

In layman’s terms, don’t always take advantage of others.

Don’t tell a third person about private matters that others have said to you.

If others talk to you about your situation and thoughts out of trust, but you use it as a conversation resource, then not only the people who talk to you, but also the people who listen to your gossip, will have a common evaluation of you: TA does not To be trusted.

6. Even if you are treating someone close to you, don’t be casual.

The easiest mistake to make is to be very careful and pay attention to details when facing strangers, but when facing close family and friends, be casual

7. Learn to refuse.

If you don’t want to be kidnapped by help, don’t force yourself to agree. Promising but not doing it and always promising but rejecting one day will make your image plummet

8. Don’t hope everyone will like you.

It is impossible to be comprehensive, and sometimes it will backfire and make yourself very tired.

In fact, as long as the people you care about like you are enough.