September 27, 2022

Psychological analysis of bad interpersonal relationship

Of course, there are not too many people who have extremely negative attitudes towards interpersonal relationships. However, there are many people who long for harmonious friendship and family affection. Can you feel relieved now that you are not alone in experiencing loneliness?

People often blame bad interpersonal relationships on the outside. In fact, I always push the reasons for my poor interpersonal relationship completely, don’t I have any place to reflect on this aspect?

The flaw of human nature is to identify with oneself unconditionally and to devalue others unconsciously. In interpersonal communication, you can see each other’s shortcomings insightfully and have a panoramic view; you are completely unaware of your own faults, and feel complacent. This kind of communication tone, which is jokingly described as “be stricter than others, be more lenient than the law”, is a strange thing not to mess up the interpersonal relationship. Let us focus on the blind spots of personality and psychology that cause bad interpersonal relationships, and continue to “know yourself” in a joke.

1. Do you treat others hypocritically?

Everyone likes to socialize with real and natural people, and thinks that meeting with sincerity can give people a sense of security. A certain man is used to asking others “What do you think?” “What do you do?” At first, people thought it was his humbleness, but later found out that if you want to listen to his ideas and plans, it’s harder than going to heaven. Naturally, he was also “outside the circle” by everyone. How can you expect others to “tell the truth” if you “leave a sentence to the side of your mouth and don’t want to throw a whole heart”?

2.Are you selfish?

The value of interpersonal communication is to compare your heart to your heart. Based on the principle of “do not do to others what you do not want,” there is nothing wrong with the relationship. A person called “Iron Abacus” always emphasizes “at least kill two birds with one stone, preferably kill three birds with one stone.” People’s unanimous evaluation is “it is not easy to seek each other with talent but without virtue.” Therefore, it is difficult to find a friend who really gets along. Many people would like to read some martial arts novels. Is the deep motivation for reading because they lack the courage and courage of the people in the works, and talk about the protagonist’s iron-blood friendship to draw cakes to satisfy their hunger?

3. Are you strong in revenge?

People’s main motivation for climbing relatives and friends is to gain a sense of security in the same boat. Therefore, once they find that the person who wants to make friends is narrow-minded and strong in revenge, they will inevitably worry that unintentional harm in getting along may lead to a vicious response. Of course, the wisest choice is Stay away. This kind of people often have a sorrow about the people and things that bring humiliation and harm to themselves, and position the goal of survival and the pleasure of life to “knock others to the ground and step on one foot.” Getting along with such a person is worrying.

4. Can you be jealous?

“When the moon is in the sky, passers-by love its brilliance, and thieves hate its brilliance.” In life, there will always be some unpretentious and pretentious people. They can’t see others do something about Delong. They can be ridiculed and cause trouble. Such people will be despised by those who pursue excellence; will ordinary people be the natural ally of those who are jealous and jealous? There are stubborn names in people’s hearts, and it is clear which is right and wrong. People are also afraid of being classified by the public as similar to those who are jealous and jealous. Therefore, it is not enough to avoid them. How can you make friends and work together?

5. Are you demanding of others?

Some people are accustomed to being strict with others and achieving results, and they should be understated! If there is a problem, how do you get on the line? So demanding, others work with them, and you can’t feel joy in achieving results. The feeling of being buried will be very sad; when there is a problem, you will not experience understanding, and will feel aggrieved and depressed. In this way, the sky of everyone’s soul is always “cloudy to overcast, sometimes with thunderstorms”, and the end of the betrayal of the demanders is inevitable.

6. Are you suspicious?

Even if you check with a known suspicion whether he is used to this, he will deny it. And immediately asked: “Did you listen to what Wang Wu said?” I doubted someone else again. Suspicious people are driven by their own insincere, non-commitment, and non-cooperative thoughts. They seek evidence, find evidence, and observe trends toward those who work together with a prejudice that seeks to prove. In this way, even the best friends will become his victims.