September 30, 2022

Small coup for white-collar workers to get rid of “afternoon collapse”

1. Place plants in the office

Plant a pot of rosemary in the office. It not only beautifies the environment and adds to the atmosphere, but also according to research shows that its scent can invigorate the spirit.

2. Walk and rest more

When you are tired, you might as well go out of the office and sit in the sun for 10 minutes. This can help you reset your biological clock. At the same time, breathing fresh air can also help you reduce the level of melatonin secretion (sleep hormone).

3. Eat more protein-containing foods

Eat more foods that contain protein, such as fish, meat, eggs, beans and other foods. Foods like carbohydrates should be eaten less, such as rice, pasta, etc. Because these carbohydrates stimulate the release of complex amines in the blood, causing sleepiness.

4. Office massage micro exercise promotion

4-1. Micro motion

In the office, you can do a little exercise. For example, shake your shoulders back and forth, take a deep breath with each exercise, and do it for 2 minutes to reduce sleepiness.

4-2. Finger massage

When you are dizzy, you can try to tap (knock) the head with the tip of your fingers, which is a good way to refresh yourself. First tap on the top of the head, then divide the back of the head into left and right areas, and pat gently. There is no specific technique for this, but the force should be gentle, otherwise you will get more dizzy. In addition, the golden triangle of thymus can be drawn from the bottom of the neck to the nipple. Tap this area with your fingers to relieve chest tightness and suffocation, broaden your chest, relieve fatigue and refresh.

4-3. Massage the neck with hot stones to relax

Choose a stone that is gentle and smooth, preferably one side is relatively flat, put it in hot water, so that the stone has a warm heat, and slowly slide the stone along the shoulder and neck line, so that the heat can be transmitted to the shoulder and neck. , Warm and comfortable, sweep away tiredness.

5. Eat a small amount of dark chocolate

Eat a small bite of dark chocolate, because it contains healthy fats and antioxidants, and a small amount of caffeine can refresh your energy.

6. Use peppermint oil

Put a few drops of peppermint oil on your hands, rub your hands, and then rub them on your face. Peppermint contains an aromatic scent that boosts energy and ensures that you will be completely drowsy.