September 30, 2022

A true friend: the more plain and pure, the more sincere the longer.

In the real society, people are becoming more and more hypocritical. Almost everyone wears a veil and is not real. The word “friend” has become more and more abstract. Some people try their best to compliment when they use friends, and when they achieve their goals, they sneer, even mocking you in front of other friends, and belittling you in front of others. Actually, this is not a friend, it is only when he is in difficulty. Tools you want to use.

Friends, do not contact every day. Although they are far away, they will never lose contact with you, nor will they forget your mobile phone number and ask who you are. Maybe they are alienated from each other’s busy work, but on holidays. The text messages are also warm thoughts.

Friends, don’t have to report anything to you. Friends, the longer the truth, the more plain and pure, the more sincere the longer.

A true friend, he will not laugh at you when you make a fool of yourself. When you are in trouble, he will not look at you coldly, will not help you, nor will he run away like a ghost in fear.

A true friend is only one step behind your lover and only one level lower than your parents. A true friend can accompany you through your life until forever. A true friend does not distinguish between ages, men and women, or hierarchical relationships, nor rich or poor, as long as you are sincere.

A true friend is the most simple and true, and will stand at a higher position than a friend to get along with, and will not ask for a friend. Because, once there is a request, “begging” becomes the goal, but friendship is transformed into an external decoration, and friendship becomes a busy tool.

There is a distance between true friends. This distance is neither far nor near; neither sparse nor dense. It is the appreciation of one heart to another, and the hope of one love to another.

In our hearts, only a limited number of people are truly accepted throughout our lives, and more of them have become rushing passengers in our lives. If a person has never had a real friend in his life. Either being lonely and arrogant, too detached, or being humble and unable to be tolerated by others.

Therefore, there are a few true friends who plant love, care, and attention from the bottom of their hearts to achieve the quality of life and the thickness of life in a certain sense.

Therefore, there are a few true friends, who poured joy, tears, smiles, sorrow in the passing years of time…will describe a story about youth and compose a rhyme of friendship.