September 27, 2022

Psychologists said: Interrupting 4 seconds of communication will be embarrassing

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology by the Dutch psychologist Namkje Kedenberg showed:

If two people are always fluent in the conversation, both parties will feel self-esteem and it will be easier to reach a consensus.

If the dialogue is only interrupted for 4 seconds, it will make people feel embarrassed, worried, anxious, unable to get along and rejected, and it will be very difficult to return to the process of close communication again.

The researcher conducted an interesting experiment, selected 102 college students, grouped them to read two versions of the story, and then commented. In the first version of the story, a story line that is difficult to tell is introduced, so the subsequent comments are not smooth.

The other one did not have these content, and the conversation remained smooth. Afterwards, the students were subjected to psychological tests. Those who did not communicate well all felt anxious, rejected, and decreased self-confidence without exception. The other group had positive emotions.

In short, we people living in society must have a certain social etiquette, especially speaking. In the ancient capital of China, we believe in euphemism, otherwise it will cause embarrassment for both sides in the workplace or tear each other’s faces. Bad things are also a big test for your future development.

Of course, don’t stop talking. It seems that the two sides are far away from each other, which is very embarrassing. Try to find topics that are of interest to everyone.