September 30, 2022

Psychologist teaches you to reduce stress in the workplace

Psychologists explain how friends who work hard in the workplace can relieve their psychological pressure.

Question: For newcomers in the workplace, how to handle the relationship with leaders and colleagues?

Answer: Interpersonal relationships are the main cause of workplace pressure. Especially for professionals in large companies, good interpersonal relationships are a necessary condition for a comfortable work life. Pay attention to when interacting: effective communication (that is, the communication that can make people feel happy), the quality of communication (people’s mutual respect is based on the trust generated by the truth of feelings, and cheerfulness, liveliness and sense of humor are to win good interpersonal relationships. The important quality of the relationship) and the degree of need for communication (the reason why the help in good times is far less memorable than the support in adversity is because the need for the two is very different).

In addition, there are different interpersonal strategies to get along with different people. You must respect your superiors, understand your colleagues, seek common development for your subordinates, be relaxed and easy with your competitors, and keep in touch with your friends.

Question: Middle-aged people have the greatest pressure. There are seniors and minors, and the unit has leaders. Ask the doctor for advice on how to relax middle-aged people.

Answer: It is recommended that when you feel too much pressure, you should learn to take the initiative to vent, and tell your relatives, classmates, and friends about your experience, so that the depression can be released;

Participate in recreational or sports activities to increase your interest and adjust your emotions;

When there is a conflict between needs and possibilities, there must be some trade-offs. If things go against one’s wishes, they must be re-evaluated. You cannot expect too much, let alone pursue blindly;

Recommend “5 minutes laugh therapy” and “screaming therapy”, which have a better effect on relieving stress and promoting health.

Question: Some time ago, there was a serious mistake in work. The unit notified criticism and blamed itself. Recently, the sleep was very bad and the work efficiency was very low. What should I do?

Answer: Need to think about it from another angle. First of all, it is impossible for people not to make mistakes. The key is to avoid making the same mistakes in the future; secondly, mistakes can be turned into good things, and they can understand their own work and personality defects and correct them in time; finally, how to treat leadership Criticism is very important. The behavior of the leader is first of all in terms of the matter, from the standpoint of the needs of management and the needs of the normal operation of the enterprise, not against individuals; if this treatment is fair, it should be accepted calmly In this way, you can truly integrate into this group. On the contrary, if you simply blame yourself or avoid it, you will not only fail to solve the problem, but will leave a shadow in your memory.

Question: How can I adjust my mentality after entering a new working environment and not adapting to it?

Answer: When a person enters a new environment, the effect of adaptation depends to a large extent on one’s own continuous change of reaction methods until success is achieved. Therefore, when a person is faced with unsuitability, he must maintain a positive problem-solving mentality and actively find a way to successfully solve the problem. Any response, as long as it can relieve the tension caused by a person’s needs, even if it is adapted to the problem solve.

How to carry out psychological debugging, according to the content of psychological adjustment, can be divided into:

1. Role psychological adjustment is the change of role psychology: In society, everyone plays a certain role. In a person’s life, he often has to constantly change his role. This process requires psychology. Adaptation;

2.Social psychological adjustment: It is mainly the renewal of human values, the reconciliation of interpersonal conflicts, and the recognition of multiculturalism, excessive emphasis on personal interests, ignoring the interests of others, teams and society, will lead to intensified competition between people. Interpersonal conflicts increase, people generally feel that human feelings are cold, etc., and psychological adjustments are needed in these aspects.