September 27, 2022

Ten life pressure dilemmas and practical solutions

We will encounter all kinds of problems and dilemmas in life, and only those who are strong enough in their hearts can be the final winner! Psychologists have listed ten kinds of pressure dilemmas and ways to get rid of them, which I believe will help you.

Dilemma 1: When I feel stressed, my mind cannot be concentrated and I can’t do anything. What should I do?

Solution: Try to put a rubber band on your wrist. When you lose your mind, you will flick yourself fiercely. At the same time, imitate the scene of filming and call yourself “stop”. This very specific stimulation can help. You interrupt your thoughts and return to the matter at hand. Then take 9 deep breaths seriously, count them one at a time, and tell yourself after the count, it’s not too late to think about things after you finish the things at hand. When you really concentrate on doing one thing, your stress will be relieved a lot.

Dilemma 2: My colleague (boss) is a very difficult person. He often embarrass me. What should I do?

Solution: When you are angry or disrespectful, you must have difficulty raising your spirits about everything. Try to imagine a situation like this: you are surrounded by a huge and impenetrable bubble, just when you are about to suffocate, a cute little man appears outside the bubble, holding a slingshot in hand, and smashing the bubble all at once. . This kind of vision can make you realize that when you are feeling stressed, you can come out of conflict and regain control of everything if you want, and you have more interpersonal relationships worth enjoying in life. Afterwards, you can talk with this colleague (boss) again and ask him if he can take into account the occasion and method of communication. If it is invalid and you cannot give up the job, you can only comfort yourself by thinking like this: he must There are too many things that don’t go well, so the temper is so weird. You can also share your feelings with other colleagues, and find that others are in the same situation as you and you can feel much better.

Dilemma 3: I always feel stressed about the same kind of things repeatedly, how can I stop this situation?

Method: A decompression technique widely used by American psychologists is called eye movement (EMT). The specific method is: focus on the things that you feel stressful until you think that your anxiety level reaches 6 degrees or more (not at all The tolerable situation is 10 degrees), then, keeping the head upright, turn the eyeball 25 times quickly between the left and right objects. Then, evaluate your stress level again, it has dropped by at least two degrees; repeat eye movements again until the stress no longer affects your normal work. Experts say that the principle of eye movement decompression has not been clarified until now, but it is certain that every time you do such an exercise, the decompression effect will increase.

Dilemma 4: As soon as I feel stressed, I feel a splitting headache, what should I do?

Solution: Magnesium deficiency in the blood will cause brain blood vessels to constrict and cause headaches. Therefore, in order to avoid frequent headaches, you can take magnesium supplements to ensure a daily intake of 350 mg of magnesium. Secondly, muscle tension can easily cause headaches. Please keep your head and shoulder massage for 10-20 minutes every day. Finally, applying cooling oil on the forehead and temples can also relieve headaches.

Dilemma 5: When I feel stressed, I will subconsciously bite my nails, how can I overcome it?

Solution: The easiest way is to keep your hands free. You can play with a piece of plasticine, or simply sit on your hands. You can also apply a layer of almond oil or vanilla oil on your nails. The strong bitterness can help you dispel the idea of ​​biting your hands. If none of these work, you can just bite one finger and don’t let it go. Looking at the other unbitten fingers in good condition, you will have an urge to stop the damage.

Dilemma 6: When I am stressed, I will eat desperately, and this behavior will only make me feel more stressed due to regret, what should I do?

Solution: The best way is to take a nap after lunch, which can charge you well and prevent you from feeling tired and hungry later and want to relieve stress by eating. If you can’t take a nap after lunch, then please walk for 20 minutes when you want to eat. The speed is faster than your usual walking speed. This activity can effectively increase the level of β-endorphin in your body. It is a chemical substance that can calm you down and control your hunger. Then, change what you eat into low-fat foods. If you insist on it for a few days, you will definitely get a substantial gain.

Dilemma 7: When I have pressure, I always want to anger my family. How can I overcome this emotion?

Solution: First of all, you should find out the reason why you always want to get angry with your family. Is he (she) not sharing the housework within your share, making you bad temper due to fatigue, or because he (she) cannot understand your feelings or Pressure makes you feel lonely and helpless? Try to confess your feelings to the other person, knowing that substantive communication can solve the problem than unconsciously losing your temper. If the cause of your anger does not fall into these two situations, then simply tell the other person, give you 5 minutes, let you say a good deal, your tantrum has nothing to do with him, as long as he can listen patiently, it will help you a lot. In this way, you will vent your joy without hurting your family relationship. After several such unilateral vents, I believe you will feel bored and give up.

Dilemma 8: At the end of the day, I always feel exhausted. What is the best way to relieve this fatigue?

Solution: First of all, you should avoid taking recreational methods that have side effects, such as watching TV for a night until sleepy, or taking alcohol to relieve fatigue, both of which will only make you feel more tired the next day. Try listening to music. An Australian study showed that Canon can effectively reduce stress, slow down heart rate and lower blood pressure. Secondly, weaving, sewing or jigsaw puzzles are all good ways to rest. “Putting into a quiet and non-competitive activity will allow you to relax by diverting your attention.” The experts explained this.

Dilemma 9: Before going to bed every day, I always have severe tinnitus and buzzing head. How can I overcome this obstacle and fall asleep safely?

Method: imagine the paradise scene in your head: the blue sea, the golden beach, you walk barefoot on the beach, the mottled shadow of the tropical jungle is stepped on your feet, and the familiar sea breeze whispers in your ears. The oncoming air is salty and wet, and the sunlight shining on the skin is warm…fix the sound, picture, and color. Whenever an annoying voice sounds in your ears, imagine such a positive scene. If you insist a few times, your condition will improve a lot.

Dilemma 10: When should I seek help from a psychologist?

Solution: When stress changes your lifestyle to a certain extent, for example, you become unsocial, or become more impulsive, or become very picky, or your appetite, weight, and sleep have undergone tremendous changes. You have to consider consulting an expert. Don’t think that receiving counseling is a big deal. In fact, about 60% to 70% of stressed people can completely get out of the stress state after receiving three courses of psychological counseling. This is because the tasks of psychotherapy are very simple and clear: provide you with a certain amount of time, space, and specific measures to reduce your stress. In a specific environment, your sense of stress is reduced, and this good feeling will soon be Continue into life. We must face our own problems positively and treat psychological counseling in a correct way.