September 30, 2022

8 kinds of job hunting psychology that you should never have

1. Comparing psychology. Some students talk about “levels” and feel that they have good grades, many honors, and high “official positions” during the school period, and they should be good at work. Who knows that employers are not the only criterion for judging talents. These “high-quality students” who are keen to compare can only experience loneliness and desertion in the end.

2. Rely on psychology. Some college students lack the sense of independence. When going out to find a job, they always like their parents, classmates, or a group of alumni to apply for the same unit, hoping to take care of each other in the future. Such unintentional graduates will only be abandoned by employers.

3. Rural psychology. Some college students do not want to travel far, but only want to find employment in the “one acre and three quarters of land” in front of them; other college students boarded the Ark of Love early, and after graduation, stayed in the same trench with the other half and stayed on one side. This is difficult to achieve.

4. Attachment to psychology. I’m not in a hurry to find a job. I spend my whole day thinking about the relationship between relatives and friends. I can “buy” a position with some money. I am afraid that the job I get will be difficult to do for a long time.

5. Conservative psychology. Lack of a sense of competition, dare not to meet challenges, or hold on to the “virtue” of modesty, dare not to show their strengths and characteristics, such people are naturally not favored by employers.

6. Low mentality. Contrary to conservative psychology, these people always feel that the competition is fierce and their skills are not as good as others, so they are willing to go downhill, and they dare not “mark prices” to themselves and find a “buyer” to “sell” hastily. Unequal agreements for some units were also signed, which brought hidden dangers to future work.

7. World-weariness. Some people have radical thinking and are “cool” everywhere. They don’t want to go out to find a job. They think that the salary here is low and the treatment is not good. When they talk about finding a job, they want to be their own boss. Instead of finding a job, they owe a debt.

8. Fake psychology. Fake academic qualifications, fake certificates, fake honors, etc. are not life-saving straws to knock on the door to employment. After all, fake ones will not grow, but will only ruin one’s own future.