September 27, 2022

Peacock psychological distress high-pressure professional women

For unknown reasons, Anna suddenly suffered from the “peacock psychology”: no matter when, where, and what happened, she always likes to compare with others-bought a new dress, thoughtfully put it in front of colleagues, the child passed the exam In the first place, she also let her colleagues know as quickly as possible; after buying a private car at home, she also showed off in front of her colleagues. And once someone is better than her in some aspect, she feels like knocking over a five-flavored bottle in her heart, not a taste…

According to the analysis of psychologists, Anna has “comparison syndrome”, which belongs to a typical workplace “peacock psychology”, that is, like a peacock on the screen, show off and show off his most beautiful side. This is an unhealthy vanity psychology. Its root lies in the deep insecurities in the heart. Once the “peacock psychology” in the workplace is formed, it is easy to fall into a state of non-stop comparison. In the workplace, it is always competitive and always worried. To get ahead, for fear of falling behind. Over time, it will lead to psychological imbalance and bring various diseases to oneself.

In the workplace, everyone will encounter various setbacks and failures, and also encounter various temptations. If you can satisfy Changle, you will save yourself a lot of trouble and trouble.

Don’t overestimate yourself. Set your goal too high. If you are beyond your ability, it is tantamount to asking yourself troubles. Doing everything requires perfection. You often blame yourself for small things. In the end, the victim is still yourself. In order to avoid frustration, Anna had better set her goals and requirements wisely within the scope of her own ability. If she knows how to appreciate her achievements, she will naturally feel happy.

Reminder: In the workplace, many people like to consciously or unconsciously, regard their colleagues as their own “rivals” in the workplace, so that they are always in a competitive tension. Anna should have a calm mind, change the concept of “adversary” to the concept of “helper”, advocate “harmony is precious”, and move faster than before the fight.