September 30, 2022

Can you communicate? Psychological analysis of communication

A fierce conflict broke out between the lion and the tiger, and in the end, both sides suffered. When the lion was about to die, he said to the tiger: “If it weren’t for you to grab my territory, we wouldn’t have made it like this.” The tiger said in surprise, “I never wanted to grab your territory, I always thought You want to invade me.”

Communication is very important!

However, driven by anger, how can you stop and communicate sincerely?

Therefore, I want to say that good mood and atmosphere are also indispensable.

70% of the communication between two people is emotion and 30% is content. If the mood is wrong, the content will be distorted.

Even if you have a stomach of affection, if you don’t have a good mood, no matter how much you say, it’s just venting.

Thinking of communication in my heart, but the tone is yin and yang strange, I don’t know if it is communication or provocation.

He shouted to communicate, but his temper was bigger than anyone else. I didn’t know if it was communication or quarrel.

To communicate, be sincere. Peaceful mood, sincere tone.

The one who can cure your temper is the one you love;

The one who can stand your temper is the one who loves you. If you can control your emotions, you are the active person;

Controlled by emotions, you are doomed to be passive.

Learn to communicate, learn to adjust emotions, learn to control temper.

Don’t give your worst emotions to the person who loves you the most!