September 30, 2022

Interpersonal communication must know how to “self-expose” appropriately

Everyone yearns for good interpersonal relationships. Studies have also shown that good interpersonal relationships are an important factor in determining a person’s happiness. In the modern fast-paced life, how to use a short time to achieve a good communication is very important. This is not only to pay attention to the content of the conversation, personal image, cultural connotation, etc., but also to pay attention to your own clothes.

There is a saying that the distance between mountains is the cloud, and the distance between people is the heart. It can be seen that in order to have good interpersonal relationships, heart-to-heart communication is essential. In interpersonal communication, moderate self-exposure can promote heart-to-heart communication and increase intimacy.

Self-disclosure does not mean exposing privacy, but proactively showing your hobbies, thoughts and characteristics to the other party. For example, “I am a Jackson fan, I like his atmosphere.” This is a kind of self-exposure. Through this exposure, the other party can understand your preferences. If he has the same hobbies as you, it will naturally increase the goodwill.

The opening remarks like “the weather is good today” that we often said before are often limited to superficial communication and it is difficult to promote the development of relationships.

Of course, self-exposure must be moderate, otherwise it will embarrass the other party. If a person exposes himself appropriately, he can have a harmonious interpersonal relationship.