September 30, 2022

Beware of psychological analysis of silence after get off work

In the workplace, there are people who live alive when they go to work, but are reticent after get off work. If this is the case for you, be wary. This is a typical feature of “off-get off work silence”. If you do not adjust in time, some people may develop depression. From a psychological point of view, “off-get off work silence” is roughly divided into three situations:

1,Remove the mask type

After working, Amy is busy with social entertainment every day, and smiles to everyone, like working with a mask. Only after returning home can he become who he is. In the workplace, many people, like Amy, have completely different roles in work and life. The silence of this kind of people after get off work is actually a kind of “return to nature”, if you can freely switch between the two roles, it is not a bad idea.


Andy, a white-collar worker who has worked for 7 years, said: “I used to have good performance at work, but recently I feel that I don’t have enough energy. I don’t want to talk when I go home, and I don’t know why.” Such “patients” have been engaged in the work they love and are good at, but with the growth of their careers, “silence” is also increasing. If people’s mental state is understood as an “energy field”, silence after get off work is a manifestation of energy exhaustion.

3,Continuous pressure

Bill, who is in the IT industry, always feels unhappy after get off work and likes to complain. Such “office workers” are under pressure at work, and working overtime is commonplace. From a psychological point of view, they have obvious anxiety traits. Work occupies most of their time, the boundary between life and work is blurred, and they cannot relax for a long time. The whole person is like a pressure cooker, and it maintains a high pressure state even after returning home.

So, how do you make yourself cheerful after get off work?

First of all, if there are a lot of negative and bored emotions in the silent process after get off work, I am afraid that I still have to re-examine my career position. Only by giving full play to the advantages of my personality is the most ideal working state.

Secondly, at work, on the one hand, we must look for the excitement of the career and overcome job burnout; on the other hand, we must adjust our career expectations and allocate “psychological energy” reasonably.

Again, proper relaxation is a good medicine. Set aside some time for yourself every day, melodious music, proper exercise, getting along with your family, and relaxing chat can help your mood slowly improve.