October 07, 2022

Psychological self-help under the pressure of fast-paced life

1. Stress is everywhere

Interpersonal relationship Complex interpersonal relationships exist in every unit. Subordinates misunderstand the authorization of superiors; colleagues do not trust each other; leadership errors cause discordant working atmosphere, etc. Being in it, I only feel mentally tired.

Although stress cannot be seen or touched, everyone in the workplace can feel its existence. Stress is a sense of tension caused by work itself, interpersonal relationships, and environmental factors. Although people are stress-free and light-hearted, appropriate pressure can make people full and motivated, but if the pressure is too high or the tension is too long, psychological disorders such as anxiety, irritability, depression, and even mental illness will occur.

2. Workplace pressure

Common sources of workplace stress: Workload is when knowledge is rapidly updated and requires you to constantly master it; when your boss asks you to complete many tasks in a short period of time; when you have to work overtime every day, your lover is on a business trip, and your child is sick again; When another group of young people enter the company and compete with you for a certain appointment, you have only two options: rush up and take a step back. You have no hesitation in approving the former, and you continue to pressurize yourself, even if you are already overwhelmed.

Interpersonal relationship Complex interpersonal relationships exist in every unit. Subordinates misunderstand the authorization of superiors; colleagues do not trust each other; leadership errors cause discordant working atmosphere, etc. Being in it, I only feel mentally tired.

Position promotion When you have outstanding performance and get promoted to two levels in a row, the pressure on your heart will increase exponentially. Because the career development is too smooth, and at the same time facing too many problems in all aspects, even beyond the ability of my own control, I doubt whether I am truly competent, and the psychological burden is heavy. More often than not, there are too many monks and porridge, and there is only one promotion place in front of you. But once again, you feel neglected and depressed, and you are full of confusion about your work goals.

3. Environmental pressure

Environmental pressure Many college students yearn to work in high-end office buildings where you can see the blue sky and white clouds. As everyone knows, white-collar workers who have worked in such an environment for a long time are eager to escape. Foreign studies have confirmed that the office building environment is an invisible environmental pressure, and closed places can make people nervous and tired easily. Therefore, many professional groups choose to work in natural environments or bungalows with good ventilation.

Self-discovery of psychological disorders There are many details in life that remind us that the mental state may be deviated. For example, when changing jobs frequently, it is especially easy to be nostalgic about some details in life. Under the premise of increasing income, life satisfaction and sense of accomplishment decrease, irritability, complaints increase, lack of concentration, and poor mental state. When the job is confirmed, there is no reason to worry about being laid off. Panic about aging and not confident about work ability. Need to stimulate appetite through spicy and fried foods, etc. Experts also pointed out that personality is closely related to psychology, and personality represents a person’s lifestyle, behavioral basis and life process. For example, people with low self-esteem are not easy to control changes in the outside world, and often complain about others. Once negative life events occur, they will trigger psychological barriers.

4. Psychological self-help

Psychological self-help prescription builds a sound psychological state for oneself, relieves mental illness, and does not lose in the psychological link in the workplace competition, which is one of the survival creeds of every professional group.

Master the necessary mental health knowledge. Such as correct self-evaluation, reasonably set goals, and act within your capacity; scientifically arrange time and minimize the workload; live a regular life, exercise moderately, and fight stress with a healthy body. It is reported that many senior white-collar workers have come to study in the National Psychological Counselor Vocational Qualification Training Course. Their goal is to master psychology knowledge, educate their children, and enhance communication with their work partners.

Form a relaxed lifestyle, adjust emotions and vent bad emotions in time. Open-minded, maintain an optimistic attitude and a positive attitude towards things to ease and eliminate tension.

Relieve some discomforts through diet. After the appearance of anxiety, palpitations, and insomnia, you can eat more beans, whole grains, vegetables and fruits and other foods, reduce the intake of red meat, and avoid drinking coffee, strong tea, alcohol and other stimulating beverages. Eat less hot and spicy things such as chili, mustard, Chinese pepper, garlic, onion, and ginger. Don’t rely too much on nutritional supplements.

Learn some self-comforting and self-relaxing techniques. For example, practicing yoga and Tai Chi are very beneficial to relieve stress and relieve symptoms of cardiovascular disease. Cultivate a wide range of hobbies, planting flowers, planting trees, appreciating music, practicing calligraphy, painting, playing ball, etc. after work, can delight people’s emotions, reconcile qi and blood, and benefit health.

Establish a psychological support system, including friends, family, psychological counseling experts, etc. When depressed and difficult to resolve, “complain” to them and seek psychological help. If the mental pressure is too great and the psychological endurance is limited, special psychological counseling or treatment is required.

Only by constantly renewing one’s knowledge structure, constantly improving oneself, and enhancing one’s own competitiveness, can the professional life be stable for a long time.

Plan your career development early and arrange your life rhythm reasonably.