September 30, 2022

Psychology: 8 types of friends essential in life

What kind of true friends are, and what kind of friends do people need in life?

1. Become your friend

They will continue to inspire you and let you see your strengths.

Such friends can also be called mentor type. They are not necessarily your teachers, but they will definitely have rich experience in certain fields and can often provide you with many suggestions on career, family, interpersonal communication and other aspects. Having this kind of friend in life will become your biggest psychological support, and it will often become an “idol” who can “control” you.

2. Support your friends

Always defend you and praise you in front of others.

Such friends can be described as “you help me, I help you”, cheering each other up, making each other a stepping stone for each other’s growth. In the process of a person’s growth, the support and encouragement of friends are the most precious. When you encounter setbacks, such friends can often help you share part of the psychological pressure, and their trust is also your “cardio booster”.

3. Like-minded friends

People who are close to your interests are also the people you are most likely to get along with.

Being with them will make you telepathic, commonly known as “tacit understanding”. Because you think and say are similar to them, you often feel touched. Associating with them will help you continue to identify yourself. You can share your interests, life goals or preferences with them. This kind of solid feeling “sharing” will give you a sense of psychological security, because with them, you can achieve your ideals more easily and grow happily.

4. Matchmaking friends

After getting to know you, I will introduce you to like-minded people soon.

Such friends are “helpful” friends. When you are proud, they may not be seen much; when you are down, they will appear in front of you in time. They are always willing to give you the most realistic support, let you see hope and opportunities, and help you continuously get positive psychological cues.

5. Friends who cheer you up

Fun and relaxing friends.

Some friends, when we have troubles and worries, the first person we want to talk to is them. Such a friend will be a good listener, let you relax, in front of them, you do not have any psychological pressure, always let you vent your “depressed”, so that you can regain a balanced state of mind.

6. Friends who broaden their horizons

Allows you to be exposed to new perspectives and new opportunities.

Such friends are also essential to life. They can be described as your “big encyclopedia”. This kind of friend’s knowledge, vision, and interpersonal connections will help you get many different psychological feelings and make you a person who stands tall and sees far.

7. A friend who leads you

Good at helping you sort out your ideas, and go to them when you need guidance and advice.

Such friends are “referring to street lights.” Everyone has difficulties and needs. Once they are difficult to resolve by their own strength, such friends can always consider your problems in the most timely and serious manner and give you the most appropriate advice. When you are anxious or confused in the face of choices, you might as well have a chat with them, which may help you to rationalize your emotions, understand yourself, and clarify your direction.

8. Accompany your friends

When there is news, whether it is good or bad, it is always the first to tell them. They are always with you.

This kind of friend’s heart is as broad as the sea or the mountain. Whenever you find them, they will treat each other enthusiastically and support you consistently. They are friends who can make you feel satisfied and calm. Sometimes they don’t need too much language. Just staying with you silently can soothe your mood.