October 07, 2022

What does the ear in the dream mean?

What do the ears in the dream mean?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

The ears in the dream represent your ability to receive information from the outside world or listen to the inner voice of others. In addition, it is also closely related to the meaning of news, opportunity, right and wrong judgments. At the same time, Dream Ear also reminds the dreamer to listen to the opinions of others and pay attention to new information.

The ears of others in the dream indicates that you will receive surprising news.

I have many ears in my dream, which indicates that I will get many friends and be well informed.

The enlarged ears in the dream indicates that it is a good time for learning and training in the near future. You will get unexpected help, your results will be remarkable, and your exam will go smoothly.

The ears in the dream are very small, suggesting that you will find false friends.

In the dream, my ears are cut off, suggesting that the dreamer rejects other people’s criticisms and decisively lets things go according to their own plan.

If you have ear pain or other problems in your dream, remind you to beware of the villain around you.

In the dream, the ears of others are cut off, which means that there are people around you who have different opinions from you. You may encounter opposition, setbacks and difficulties.

Someone whispers to yourself in the dream, suggesting that you are worried that someone behind you will make irresponsible remarks.

In the dream, others are talking to oneself, but there are some things that cannot be heard clearly in the dream, suggesting that the dreamer should not pay attention to the information that is not easy to hear directly.

If you dig out your own ears in your dream, or others will dig out your own ears, it indicates that the dreamer will face less opposition or gossip and will receive good news.

In the dream, someone twists your ears, other people’s non-councils bring you pain, or you have to be punished for your own fault.

The person with hairy ears in the dream indicates that there will be a chance to make a fortune, and reminds you to pay attention to news that can bring profit.

The growth of animal ears in the dream indicates that the opponent may have a conspiracy against you, so be vigilant.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The ear is responsible for right and wrong, and the function of the ear is to listen, so it represents news. The ear has a filtering function, and you can’t remember anything you don’t like. Therefore, ears represent news that can arouse people’s interest, which is right and wrong.

Psychological analysis:
To dream that your ears were cut off is a good omen. That is to get rid of the criticism of yourself, you ask others to be accepted by others, and your orders can be executed. Dreaming that someone’s ears are cut off is a bad omen. Others represent opinions and opinions that are different from one’s own. Cut off their ears means that the opinions opposed to one’s own are recognized by everyone, and oneself will be opposed by everyone. Such dreams usually mean suffering.

Picking up your ears is a clearing up of right and wrong. Such a dream means that there is less non-parliamentary about yourself, which is usually accompanied by a change in attitude towards others. Criticism should be treated more tolerantly so that it becomes invisible. In the dream, I dig my ears for myself, or let others dig my ears for myself, there is good news. If someone twists their ears, it means that right or wrong has brought pain to themselves, that is, paying for the wrong things. If you have done something illegal, the incident will happen and you will be punished by law.

Case analysis of ears in dreams

【Dream Case 1】
One person, one night in a dream, he was pulling out his ears. There was a lot of earwax in it. In the dream, this person has been picking his ears.

Dream analysis: ears represent listening, so this dream may be related to the dreamer’s listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions. Feeling that you have earwax in your ears reflects that the dreamer feels that he may hear some unpleasant words, that he has soiled his ears, and he wants to clean his ears. In fact, I want to separate the bad words and the things I heard from myself. This is a good dream.

[Dream Case 2]
In my dream, I was pulling out my ears, but for some reason I pulled out a lot of grass. The grass is still warm in the hands, as if it really grows in my ears, which is really puzzling. (Female, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: ears are the source of news, and the ears in dreams are often related to what news. For example, my ears are cut off in the dream, which means that a collective decision must be executed smoothly. If someone else’s ears are cut in the dream, it may be a little troublesome. If you dig out your ears in your dream, or ask others to dig out your ears, it shows that there is good news.

The ear originally just listened to other things, it didn’t have any productive capacity. But the ears here have grown into living grass, which shows that all activities such as work and sports will have good results.