September 27, 2022

Psychology: 10 tips for getting along well with others

1. Put a lock on your mouth and don’t try to say all the thoughts. Cultivate low-key and infectious speech. The way of speaking is more important than the content.

2. Make fewer promises and ensure your credibility. Once a promise is made, it must be fulfilled no matter how much it costs.

3. Never miss the opportunity to appreciate and encourage others. No matter who does a beautiful job, praise is given. If you need to make comments, please use a helpful attitude, not a contemptuous attitude.

4. Care about the needs of others, work, family and family. Happy with happy people; sad with sad people. Let everyone who interacts with you, no matter how humble, feel that you value him.

5. Be a happy person. Don’t spread your unworthy pain and disappointment to those around you. Remember, everyone is under certain pressure.

6. Keep an open mind. Discuss but don’t argue. Even if you don’t agree, you are not angry. This is a sign of inner maturity.

7. Let your virtues speak for themselves. Refuse to talk about the shortcomings of others and don’t spread rumors. These will waste your precious time and will greatly destroy your interpersonal relationship.

8. Treat other people’s emotions carefully. Tears and humor cannot be at the expense of hurting others, especially when you think the possibility is small.

9. No need to worry about rumors about you. Remember, the person who spread the rumors is not the most accurate reporter in the world. Maintaining the status quo. Nervousness and bad eyes are generally the reasons behind the dispute.

10. Don’t be too anxious to strive for your own credibility, do your best, and be patient. Forget yourself, let others “remember” you. Such success is even more pleasant.