September 30, 2022

What does the nail in the dream mean?

What do nails mean in dreams?. In dreams, these have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination.

Cutting your nails in your dream means that your worries will be eliminated, and that you will get rich through hard work.
People at the age of love have this dream, and it may also indicate that they will meet their sweetheart in front of everyone. You may wish to pay more attention to your own image in the near future.

The nails fall off in the dream, which is not good, which may indicate that the family will be sick or in trouble.

Filing your nails in your dream also indicates that you will succeed through your own efforts.

A man dreams that his nails are very short, a good thing, it indicates that your work is improving and your business is going smoothly.

I have long nails in my dream, which means that you will suffer from poverty due to laziness, or be frustrated in love. When a married woman dreams of this dream, she may also indicate that she will be a widow and should pay more attention to the health and safety of her husband.

Broken nails in a dream indicates that you will encounter something uncomfortable.

Patients with yellow and white nails in their dreams may be bedridden.

Married women have long nails in their dreams, suggesting that they may be widowed.

The redness of the nails in the patient’s dream indicates that the patient will soon heal.

In a man’s dream, his nails turn red, which is a sign of good health. The patient’s dream indicates that the body is about to recover.

The yellow or white nails in the dream are not good, suggesting that the body is weak and may be sick and lying in bed. If the patient has such a dream, it may be difficult to get better in the near future.

The black nails in the dream indicate that you will lose with it.

Scratching the face of your lover, friend or colleague with your nails in your dream implies that you want to uncover the surface and discover the true face of a person.

The nails in the dream are full of mud and dirt, suggesting that you want to profit from embezzlement and other very improper means, but in the end you will be discovered and suffer heavy losses.

The well-maintained nails in the dream allude to scholars’ refined taste, literary attainments or achievements, and also indicate a simple life.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The nail in the dream unites the two boards together, which means you have the ability to comprehensively consider problems. In addition, the carrying capacity of nails in dreams is also very important. Fingernails or toenails represent human perseverance.

Psychoanalysis: The penetration of nails can symbolize your ability to overcome difficulties.
Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual perspective, nails represent the destiny of people in dreams. In Christian teachings, nails symbolize pain and noble sacrifice.

Case analysis of nails in dreams

【Dream Case 1】
I am a senior high school student who is about to take the college entrance examination. I saw the Internet saying that I can make a wish after cutting my long nails. I left my fingernails and my little finger on my right hand is very long. I told everyone that if it breaks, I will repeat. One year, but the day before yesterday, I dreamed that it was broken. Yesterday I dreamed that the pinky nails of my left and right hands were broken. Is this an ominous sign?
Dream analysis: Broken nails in a dream indicates that you will encounter something unpleasant.

[Dream Case 2]
It’s not just that I have cut my nails, but my nails are not long, but my nails have become very long in my dream. I still mumbled that they have grown so long so soon. What do I have to cut? What does this dream mean?
Dream analysis: This dream means that you will suffer from poverty due to laziness, or be frustrated in love.

[Dream Case 3]
Very strange dream. In the dream, the nail of my left thumb came off. I want to know what the signs are.
Dream analysis: You may be in trouble, and you should also pay attention to the health of yourself and your family.

【Dream Case 4】
Last night I dreamed that the nail on one finger was half missing, and the other half of the nail was separated from the flesh inside the nail, so I wanted to remove that half. After that, I woke up and felt very unlucky. Please expert help to interpret the dream! Thank you! Some friends said that my dream means separation of flesh and blood. Does this really mean? Please help from experts!
Dream analysis: What your friend said has some truth, pay attention to the health of yourself and your family.