October 05, 2022

A Psychological Analysis of the “Dump Effect” in the Workplace

Recently, I heard a new term “concave effect”, which means that because something has certain characteristics or advantages, it has an attraction to certain things and causes these things to gather in this place.

The characteristic of the depression is gathering momentum, and the end of life gathering momentum is success in the world. If you want to have a good relationship, increase your popularity index, and gather a group of good friends, then you must make yourself a “dimple”.

As long as a person has the characteristics of “recessed land”, he can gather popularity, and naturally there will be noble people to help. If you want to be a popular “recess”, of course, you must have several elements:

1. Modesty. In real life, the modest and prudent are often able to take into account the overall situation, respect others, unite and cooperate, and exercise strict self-discipline. In the face of victory, good times, and achievements, humility is like a calm messenger, teaching people to introspect themselves and dialogue with the soul.

2. Tolerance. President Lincoln is known for his tolerance of political opponents, and finally aroused the dissatisfaction of a congressman. The congressman said: “You should not try to make friends with those people, but eliminate them.” Lincoln smiled and replied: “When they become my friends Isn’t I just destroying my enemies?” In this sentence, people have to admire Lincoln’s mind.

Sometimes the opponent is our potential friend. Tolerance is not only a kind of grace, but also an art of life.

3. Listen. Some people are very popular, and everyone likes to associate with them. Such people tend to be very popular and are easier to succeed in everything because they are very good at listening. Listening more helps to collect information, observe personnel, and avoid errors caused by talking more. It is one of the important cultivations of modern people. Learning to listen is an important magic weapon in the world. Listen carefully to others until they have finished speaking. Persevere, and you will have unexpected gains.