September 27, 2022

Interpretation of dreams: predictive indicators of occupational stress

If you have been dreaming a little bit recently, or are stuck in a dream repeatedly, your mental health may have gone wrong. Experts analyze that excessive stress is the main cause of frequent dreams, especially white-collar workers and private entrepreneurs, who are most likely to suffer from such “dream diseases”.

White-collar workers and private entrepreneurs are the groups most easily trapped by dreams. The phenomenon that private entrepreneurs are troubled by dreams is the most common, followed by white-collar workers, and university students ranked third.

Dreaming back to the exam room: prompting promotion pressure

White-collar workers who have been working hard in the workplace for several years have clearly left the classroom and no longer need to worry about exams, but often dream of returning to school, sitting in the examination room again, and answering blank papers in their dreams. This is the dream most often encountered by white-collar patients with “dream disease”.

Many people have had the experience of dreaming back to the examination room. The test metaphor is to face a further leap in the workplace. White-collar workers under the weight of competition are most concerned about personal improvement and development. Repeated dreams of exams are the transformation of this pressure in the dream. This shows that you may be facing or about to face a career change. People who are not sure about this or have insufficient confidence will easily dream of failing the exam.

Most people who have such dreams have a strong sense of responsibility, pursue careers, have high self-requirements, and look forward to sprinting to a higher level, but the actual situation is not as perfect as they expected.

In addition, promotion pressure is often related to school in dreams. Being late in class, or always being unable to answer the teacher’s questions, many people have had similar experiences, so when faced with the pressure of “exams” in their careers, their dreams unnaturally returned to their student days.

Climbing and wading: career difficulties

To dream of meeting a big mountain or a big river during the journey implies resistance in your career. People who work well in the workplace encounter this kind of dream, and the final result is to climb to the top of the mountain, ascend to raise their eyes, and the open scenery is in front of them, but if the career is not smooth, the work is unstable, and the difficulties are numerous, the dream situation will always be climbing the mountain until the body I still can’t reach the top of the mountain when I’m tired, which is caused by the pressure at work.

Almost 20%~30% of white-collar patients with “dream disease” mentioned in unison that they had dreamed of climbing stairs and mountains. Dreams are the transmission of stress. Therefore, when you encounter nightmares such as climbing and wading, you should remind yourself to find out the source of stress. The job of doctors is to communicate with patients, let them think about the recent personal state through dreams, and find out the situation that needs to be solved urgently. Otherwise, the patient is likely to induce depression due to negative emotions caused by nightmares and affect health.

Murder and robbery: on the verge of pressure

The greater the pressure, the greater the exaggeration of the dream. When murder, robbery, or some ghostly visions appear in the dream, the patient needs to be vigilant, which means that your stress has reached the critical edge.

Most private entrepreneurs are under more pressure than white-collar workers, so their dreams are strange, but there are still traces to be found. A female entrepreneur often sees her dead neighbor’s old lady in her dream, with a hideous face. When she wants to call for help, she finds herself trapped in a closed glass house, making no sound. When the doctor analyzed her dreams, she found that she was taking on a large business at the time, but there was a problem in communicating with the starter. The designer did not design the product according to the customer’s requirements, so the business finally fell through, and she was allowed to explain in every possible way. It’s no use, the depression in my heart turns into babble in my dream.

Dreaming back to hometown: extremely exhausted physically and mentally

The life and pressure in big cities are so great that they often return to their hometowns in their dreams and repeatedly see the comfortable past, such as childhood, campus life, mothers and so on. The farther away from home, the higher the probability of having such dreams.

The reason why I dream of returning to my hometown is because I am in a stressful city, which makes me feel tired and yearn for the past. Dreaming of your mother is a manifestation of the “Oedipus complex”, and your heart desires her protection.

In addition, if you frequently dream that your family and friends are in a bad situation, it actually reflects that you are in a tense interpersonal relationship or a tense working environment.