October 05, 2022

Psychology: How to be an unobtrusive person

1. Don’t focus on your own benefits and don’t want others

2. Don’t be greedy for other people’s finances

3. Don’t brag about your strengths

4. Don’t treat people with hypocrisy

5. Don’t ask people for finances

6. Try to avoid borrowing

7. Don’t talk endlessly

8. Don’t worry about things you don’t have the right to

9. Be strict with the rules

10. Don’t be withdrawn and have different tastes

11. Cherish other people’s finances

12. Don’t borrow from others easily

13. Don’t ask what others don’t want to tell you

14. Don’t force others to follow yourself

15. Don’t make others feel painful and suffer loss because of you

16. Don’t think that others should love you

17. Don’t be too close to people who don’t know well and don’t have deep friendship

18. Don’t be a burden to others, but take the burden of others

19. Always keep your face, your hands, your mouth, your teeth, your body, your clothes and everything clean

20. Be polite