September 30, 2022

Psychology: Inferiority is a barrier to job seekers

Psychologist analysis:

There are many reasons for the lack of confidence, including physical, environmental, family or social reasons, but it is mainly caused by psychological factors. Xiaojia’s problems are caused by psychological factors, manifested as inferiority complex, lack of confidence, and poor mentality. So the first step is to solve her mentality problem and make her confident to attend the interview.


The best way is to gather your own advantages, enumerate them one by one, form an advantage, write down the key points to be said, and then conduct scenario training. The so-called advantages are any talents, abilities, skills and personality traits that you can use. This advantage is your magic weapon for competition.

When we explain our strengths, don’t be embarrassed. We always feel that saying our strengths is wrong, can’t speak up, and is too modest. In fact, courage is very important. You must dare to pull down and try your best to fight for it. Choosing a career is often a grasp of opportunities. If you miss an opportunity, you will pass by with success. For people like Xiaojia who are too inferior, when training them, you can first make her overcorrect, make her a little arrogant, arrogant, or even arrogant, overcome the inferiority, and then, in the interview process, converge appropriately, it will be Unbiased and just right.