September 27, 2022

Psychology: 9 steps to teach you to be a “no pressure” person

Study pressure, work pressure, interpersonal pressure, emotional pressure… modern people are carrying more and more pressure.

In the face of stress, some people overreact, the immune system will be damaged, leading to psychosomatic diseases. A large number of medical studies have proved that headaches, skin diseases, indigestion, insomnia, especially heart disease, are mostly related to stress.

People cannot change the event itself, but it can change the impact of the event on people. Mastering the following methods can help you become a “no pressure” person:

1. Carry out overall planning for complicated things. Make a list according to the priority of the matter, and cross out one every time you complete it. Let the sense of accomplishment inspire you to continue doing well in the future.

2. Talk to friends as soon as possible when you are confused, so that the pressure can be effectively released, and you may get unexpected suggestions.

3. Try to be optimistic when encountering troubles, and be convinced that things can always develop in the desired direction and readjust the state as quickly as possible.

4. There is no delay in doing things, and things that can be done at the time will not be delayed for several hours. Things left unfinished can cause tremendous psychological pressure by itself.

5. To be good at assigning tasks, many things do not have to be done by yourself.

6. Take deep breaths every day. The method is to straighten your back, relax your shoulders, inhale air deeply into your lungs, concentrate on feeling the air permeating into each cell, and then exhale the air with all your strength, imagining that the pressure in the body will also be discharged to the body along with the airflow.

7. Frequently fantasize about bright prospects. Learn to ask yourself, “A month from now, will I still regret this matter?” “After 5 minutes, will I still be annoyed by my classmates embarrassing me just now?” This assumption that pushes the situation into the future can make The pressure in front of me gradually released.

8. Know to say “no” instead of just doing it. When rejecting others, it is not necessary to explain the reasons clearly.

9. Have your own way of entertainment, maintain passion and love for life, study, and work.