September 27, 2022

How is redface phobia treated?

Sometimes when I talk to people I don’t know, I’m fine, but my heart beats up suddenly, a rush of blood rushes to my face, I am embarrassed not to say it, I also make others inexplicable, and I am often laughed at by others, so that I dare not dare to communicate with others. Interpersonal. But I am eager to communicate with people. I often experience two different selves in my body: one is shy, weak, and lacks self-confidence, and the other is forcing myself to change myself. So I feel that life is too heavy and tired. This is a kind of mental illness called “redface phobia”.

Everyone has a sense of tension or excitement when interacting with people who are unfamiliar or more important, and reflexively cause the body’s sympathetic nerves to excite, and the secretion of catecholamines such as norepinephrine increases, which makes people’s heartbeat. Speed ​​up, capillaries dilate, that is, blush. This is a normal reaction in interpersonal communication and will become accustomed to it over time. But because you lack self-confidence, you pay special attention to what others say about you, pay attention to your performance in front of others, so that you are especially concerned about blushing. Fear that others will talk about you because of this, and think that you will not blush, but you can’t eliminate it. Seeing people blushing will become your heart disease. You are worried that you will blush before interacting with people, and you are more serious about whether you are blushing when interacting. Over time, excitement forms in the corresponding areas of the brain. As soon as you enter the environment of interacting with people, it will appear. The fever on your face and the anxiety in your heart, coupled with other people’s comments or ridicule about it, make you more nervous and afraid of seeing people, thus forming a red face phobia.

Redface phobia can be treated.

First of all, you have to take a natural attitude towards blushing, allow it to appear and exist, do not resist, suppress or conceal it, do not worry and worry about blushing, so as to eliminate the tension and worry about blushing, and interrupt it. And caused a vicious circle.

Second, it is necessary to conduct self-confidence training. Most people who are prone to blush in front of them lack self-confidence and have a sense of inferiority. Therefore, strengthening the cultivation of self-confidence and overcoming the sense of inferiority can play a role in drawing a salary.

To change the way of thinking that only sees one’s own shortcomings, use one’s own shortcomings over others’ strengths, and in turn often think about what strengths or advantages one has, and use one’s own strengths to compare others’ shortcomings, so as to gradually change the view of oneself . While changing the way you think about yourself, turn your attention to activities that you are interested in and that best reflect your talents. First look for something that is easier and more sure to complete. There will be a bit of joy, and then use the same method to determine the next goal after finishing. In this way, every time you succeed, you will strengthen your self-confidence, and gradually your self-confidence will become stronger and stronger.

Fingers are long and short, and people cannot be perfect. The value of a person is mainly reflected in exerting their potential as much as possible through their own efforts. Regard shortcomings, failures, and other people’s ridicules as a common thing, as a motivation to improve yourself, evaluate and comment on others, and have your own opinions, so that “if you have it, you can change it, if you don’t have it, you can add encouragement.” Too or to be at a loss.

A person can feel inferior because he finds that he is inferior to others through comparison and introspection. And success in doing things also requires certain knowledge and ability. Therefore, if a person wants to finally overcome inferiority complex, he must face his own shortcomings while building self-confidence, enrich his knowledge, enrich experience, and learn the methods and skills of communicating with others.

In addition, psychological training can be used to help overcome it. The specific method is as follows:

Step 1: List the various scenes that can cause you to blush in order from light to heavy, and copy them to different cards. Put the scenes that don’t make you blush at the top, and put the scenes that make you blush the most. The cards are placed at the end, and the cards are arranged in order.

Step 2: Perform relaxation training. The method is to sit in a comfortable seat and take regular deep breaths to relax the whole body. After entering the relaxed state, take out the first card of the above series of cards and imagine the above scene. The more realistic and vivid the imagination, the better.

Step 3: If you feel a little upset and blushing, stop and don’t imagine it again, take a deep breath to relax yourself again. After being completely relaxed, reimagine the situation that just failed. If restlessness and blushing happen again, stop and relax, and repeat until the scene on the card no longer makes you restless and blushing.

Step 4: Follow the same method to continue to the next scene that makes you more upset and blushing (the next card). Note that every time you enter the imagination of the next card, you must be based on the criterion that you no longer feel uneasy and blush when you imagine the previous card, otherwise, you must not enter the next stage.

Step 5: When you imagine the scene that makes you most uneasy and blushing and you don’t feel blush, you can perform on-site exercises in order of lightest to heaviest. If you feel uneasy and blush at the scene, also let yourself take a deep breath and relax Come to fight, until you no longer blush, and enter the next step of exercise