September 27, 2022

Will you “psychological strike”?

The so-called “psychological strike” refers to employees’ intentional abandonment of personal enthusiasm and initiative. “Psychological strike” employees only do what they have to do. As for other tasks, even if they don’t refuse on the surface, at least they are bored in the heart, and they procrastinate in the work until they can’t do it.

After a period of intense work, the initial mental reserves of office workers are gradually consumed. Individuals feel that their wisdom has been emptied, their emotions have been exhausted, and their will has been consumed, so they will show that their work enthusiasm and initiative are reduced. Although some people do not obviously refuse to work on the surface, they feel resisted and bored with work in their hearts. The quality of the work is not as good as before, and the work progress has been delayed. It wasn’t until the deadline was approaching that I regained my energy and barely made a deal.

There are many reasons for psychological strikes. There are three common causes: job burnout, procrastination, and seasonal mood swings, so to solve it, you must first find the right cause and prescribe the right medicine:

Burnout: Changing the environment during travel vacation

Job burnout, also known as job burnout, refers to the feeling that office workers experience physical and mental exhaustion and energy exhaustion under the pressure of work. It is more common in some repetitive mechanical occupations, especially teachers, doctors, and media workers. After working for a long time, if it is not repaired, it is particularly prone to overdraft.

Weapon: For job burnout, there is no way to change and refuse to work, so you have to find ways to take a break, such as vacations, travel, etc., let yourself leave the workplace for a short time, or reduce the time spent in the workplace. Through “changing the environment”, “rest and rest” and other methods, we can find new work inspiration and radiate new work enthusiasm and hope.

Procrastination: be more confident and learn to enjoy work

The reason for procrastination is sometimes lack of self-confidence, which leads to fear, avoidance, or even fleeing from the work; sometimes it is because of resistance to the assigned tasks, such as the inner feeling that the work is unfair, or the desire to get rid of the manipulation of the work; sometimes it is A habitually bad behavior, the pressure does not accumulate to a certain degree, it is difficult to stimulate the motivation of action.

Weapon: The psychological strike group caused by this kind of procrastination should check whether their abilities, interests, specialties, personality, etc. match their position and corporate culture, and whether they are really willing to engage in this job and enjoy this job. If not, you can try to selectively “patch” your own loopholes, such as improving your time management ability, cultivating your own emotional management ability, and improving your ability to act. If the hard work still fails, you can consider whether to change jobs.

Seasonal factors cause mood swings: increase naps and eat less spicy food

In summer, the sunshine time is long and the sunrise time is early. Many people lack sleep and wake up passively. The lack of sleep can make people feel depressed, lack of fighting spirit, impetuous, emotional instability.

Tips: Now the weather is like a child’s face. It is always cloudy and sunny. People who are mentally sensitive are easily affected by weather changes. They are more prone to emotional ups and downs. In hot weather, irritability is natural. Especially you need to take care of yourself. The mood became cooler. For example, put on emerald green curtains and grow some green plants, which is refreshing and clean. Make the bedroom darker, take a nap at noon every day, regularly participate in your favorite sports activities, talk to your close friends when you have troubles, and eat less spicy dishes that are easy to get angry.

In short, a psychological strike is a signal that reminds you that you need to rest, or you need to “cheer” yourself, and you need to give yourself some care. After reading such information, you will think of a method that suits you, end the psychological strike as soon as possible, and let yourself start lightly.