September 27, 2022

Psychology and Social: It’s very important to remember the name

Do you feel very embarrassed when someone greets you but can’t say his name? I really envy those with a super memory, but I now have these 6 skills, so I can relax Remember other people’s names!

1. Show your interest in others

When I meet with people, I always focus on creating a good image of myself for others and neglect to listen to their conversations. Speaking of it, it’s really ironic, which often makes the other person’s impression of you down.

2. Repeat the name

You can repeat his name to make sure you remember and pronounce it correctly. If his name is difficult to remember, you can repeat it several times.

3. Use more names

When you talk to the other person, try to use the other person’s name as much as possible. You will write it down in a while.

4. Match the name to the master

Correspond the name you remember to the other person’s appearance, repeat this connection in your heart and remember it many times.

5. Use related words

If the other person’s name is similar to some words you know or your friend’s name, then quickly write down the similarity.

6. Write it down

Write down their names, flip through the notebook several times, and it will be printed in your mind over time.

The name is very important as a unique identifier for each person. So try to remember other people’s names, not only to respect them and to show that you value them, but also to make others have a better impression of you.