September 30, 2022

Teach you how to get rid of “marginal social phobia”

People who are easily frustrated by misrepresenting a point of view mostly have contradictions in self-evaluation.On the one hand, she hopes to lead most topics, like an omniscient prophet; on the other hand, she forbids herself If you make any mistakes, you tend to deny yourself completely as soon as you are contested. In short, her self-evaluation is completely based on the likes and dislikes of others. As a result, her heart is always suffering in the whirlpool of inferiority and arrogance.

A typical example of marginal social phobia is one step to the left and self-enclosed, and one step to the right is no different from normal people. The psychologist recommends the following:

1. Make full use of “home advantage.” When you first resume social activities, you should try to open a party in a circle you know well. The surrounding scenes, all the preparation details are clear to the chest, which is conducive to calming emotions.

2. When you are too flustered, try abdominal breathing. Follow your yoga instructor to learn abdominal breathing, and press acupoints to release pressure, which will bring a more calm posture to your social life.

3. Might as well learn some clumsy techniques from the surrounding social masters. For example: How to transfer the topic to a field that you know well, without leaving a trace?