September 27, 2022

Psychology: 8 chat skills to make you cute

There are often people who don’t know how to communicate with others, and when they meet colleagues or other people, they don’t know how to speak! In fact, it’s important to know how to start a chat, but it’s more important to keep the chat going.

8 chat skills, you can become a popular conversation partner.

1. Lead the other person to talk about their life

The most critical technique is to lead the other person to talk about their lives. Almost everyone likes to talk about themselves. Therefore, if you show interest in other people’s stories, family, ideas, or goals, you can start talking immediately.

Of course, don’t like to inquire into other people’s private affairs too much. If the other person is uncomfortable when referring to a private topic, then change to a neutral topic.

2. Give a warm response

Respond to what the other person says and make sure that your response is acceptable to the other person. Take a positive diplomatic approach to give feedback, of course, the premise is to be honest and fair. You know, others can tell whether you respond sincerely or at will.

3. Ask open-ended questions

Open-ended questions require more answers than yes or no. They encourage the other person to talk about a topic in detail.

For example, questions like “What made you decide to engage in nursing?” or “Why do you like to live in Hawaii?” can lead the other person to tell more of their own stories and ideas.

4. Wait until your turn to speak

Don’t interrupt the other party’s speech, wait patiently, and talk again when it’s your turn. Interrupting will most kill the chat and even annoy the other party.

Show that you respect the other person’s speech, listen to what the other person is saying, and don’t think privately about what you should respond to.

5. Repeat or re-express the other person’s speech

Don’t rush to express your opinion, first repeat what the other person said. You can repeat the last three words the other person said, and then paraphrase the previous ones in your own words.

This shows that you are indeed listening, and it is also easy to sort out what you just heard. The other party can point out the deviation and make sure you really understand the conversation topic. It also prevents you from rashly exposing your opinions before you truly understand.

6. Ask “What then?”

Saying “what’s next?” is a very good chat technique, which not only avoids snooping, but also encourages the other person to talk in detail. If a colleague tells you that he is planning to change to a new job, you only need to ask “What then?” and he may be able to be more specific.

This trick can be used against relatives, friends, and colleagues, as well as people who meet for the first time. It shows that you really want to hear them.

7. Ask for suggestions

Asking for advice shows that you value the other person’s point of view. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to take the other party’s suggestions. Just listen to the opinions of others with an open mind.

No matter the big or small things in life, you can ask for experience. Ask your colleagues what they think of your new clothes, and ask friends how you should handle a situation. Asking for advice can make the other person feel important.

8. Seek explanation

Ask the other person to explain what is going on. Asking the other person to explain to you can show that you think he is smart and can always benefit you. If the other person is talking about something you don’t know, tell the other person and ask for an explanation.