October 05, 2022

EQ is too low? These methods help you improve

The so-called emotional intelligence, in fact, mainly refers to the qualities of people in terms of self-awareness, control of emotions, self-motivation, cognition of other people’s emotions, and processing of mutual relationships. Although we can’t book IQ, it can improve EQ. An outstanding person may not have high IQ, but it must have high EQ. There is actually a simple and easy way to improve EQ, all you need is persistence and learning

Know your strengths and weaknesses:

Clearly understand your own strengths and shortcomings, undertake work according to your own situation, give full play to your strengths, and make up for your own shortcomings. . .

Clear the bottom line and dare to refuse:

Be clear about the bottom line and let others know how much you can bear, but pay attention to controlling the number of bottom lines. Too many bottom lines make it difficult to get along with; too few bottom lines make you bullied.

Control anger and learn to calm down:

Anger makes people lose their senses. When you feel angry, you can choose to leave or pause the conversation, and try to calm your mood by taking deep breaths, talking to yourself, exercising, etc.

Facing the past calmly:

No time to regret, let go of the past, focus on the present, only in this way can progress

Be a mature and active listener:

“Hearing” and “listening” are two completely different concepts. Repeat what others have said in the form of asking questions to ensure that you have not missed information

Learn to forgive:

Improving endurance and learning to forgive people who hurt and insult you are essential qualities to improve emotional intelligence. .

stop complaining:

Complaining doesn’t change anything. If you want to change the status quo, don’t complain and take concrete actions to change.

Know how to make demands:

Find out what your needs are and how they can be met, express them frankly, and then express gratitude. .

Learn to accept rejection:

When the request is rejected, learn to maintain demeanor. Accepting the rejection of others politely is respect for others, which is an effective way to improve emotional intelligence.

Don’t mind criticism:

There is no need to suffer from being criticized, and the criticism should be examined without emotion, and whether it needs to be adjusted according to the criticism.

Be considerate and take the initiative to understand others:

Pay attention to a person’s gestures, expressions and body language, not only rely on words to get to know others, but also to have a comprehensive understanding.

Ask a friend:

Sometimes we need some people to help ourselves, let our friends be role models, and influence and motivate us to work hard to improve EQ.

Not excessively seeking perfection:

Perfection hides under imperfection, learn to accept imperfection. Accept yourself and what is in reality, know yourself, and improve emotional intelligence.

Have the courage to communicate with strangers:

Don’t care about the stranger’s age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political stance, and have the courage to communicate with and learn from others.

Learn to negotiate:

When you have a dispute with someone, try to negotiate, concentrate on finding a solution that meets both parties at the same time, or try to resolve it through mediation

Get rid of old habits:

In the process of improving emotional intelligence, you usually encounter resistance. List the things that consume your energy, systematically analyze the list, and clear the obstacles to make the emotional intelligence increase faster.

Strictly observe ethical standards:

Whether in work or life, people with high EQ follow ethical standards and principles, and use high standards to demand themselves.

Full of confidence in the future:

Don’t be upset because the future is unpredictable, you should be full of confidence. Life should be an exciting adventure, not a routine life arranged in advance.

Take concrete action:

Responsible to oneself and closer to the goals in life, we must find out the factors that hinder the realization of the goals, take the necessary measures, and take action.

Simplify life:

Pursue a simple lifestyle, simplify life, liberate energy, and improve EQ first

Cultivate a sense of humor:

Laughter is the golden key to open the lock of joy. If you consciously cultivate a sense of humor, your emotional intelligence will be greatly improved.

Find the leader:

Find your role model among the people around you. The three-person line must have my teacher, and try to follow him.