September 27, 2022

Psychology: You hate it because you have no sense of boundaries

In fact, in our lives, we often encounter people who do not understand the boundaries.

When you talk about “other people’s private affairs” as your own, and interfere, you have blurred the line with others, thus offending others.

Nietzsche said: There is no need to be sensitive at all times. Especially when interacting with people, even if you see through the motives of certain behaviors and thoughts of the other person, you need to pretend to be dull. This is the trick to socializing, and it is also a pity for people.

It seems that a person who doesn’t understand the boundaries just brings endless troubles to others, and has no effect on himself, but in fact, it is himself who ultimately suffers.

Smart people will know that even if you know something, there is no need to explain it in public.

The reason why you open your mouth and say everything is because you don’t understand what is the limit and what is respect.

You thought you just told a fact, but you actually offended the privacy of others.

In the final analysis, it’s because you didn’t stand in the other side’s position and think for him.

If you don’t like your personal affairs being discussed by others, and your makeup is evaluated by others, do others like it?

A person’s appearance, makeup, clothes, body, ability, love experience, emotional life, life choices, three views, etc. are all “other people’s things”.

As long as it’s someone else’s business, then you can only respect and accept it, and don’t try to impose or interfere.

This is the most basic respect for a person.

No matter how close your relationship is, it should be so, not to mention ordinary people.

Only those who respect others will be respected by others.

People who open their mouths and expose “other people’s private affairs” in the public are either stupid or disgusted. In addition to winning the hatred and resentment of others and showing their stupidity, what benefits can they get?