September 27, 2022

How do people with high EQ reject others?

Rejecting others is a hurdle we cannot overcome in this life.

Since you have to climb over, I suggest that you overturn it with grace.

To reject others simply is to respect the time cost of both parties.

Those who broke off with you because of rejection are the ones you will lose sooner or later.

If you refuse this matter, the highest EQ performance is all you need to do.

Don’t dare to reject others altogether. On the surface, you are thinking about others and don’t want to embarrass your family. In fact, you take yourself too seriously and feel that you refuse, and your heart will be broken.

In fact, anyone who makes a request is mentally prepared to be rejected, and he may even agree to reject this option more than you.

Rejection does not require explanation. The more explained, the easier it is to give others an illusion

It is an objective fact that you leave others with hope and induce others to pay.

In fact, the communication between the vast majority of people in the world has not risen to the height of sentiment at all, but runs in the rules, and the rules are the only truth that can be tested.

If you can do it, go all out and do it happily. If you can’t, just notify the other party as soon as possible. This is the least costly interpersonal relationship rule.

Others choose you, and you simply refuse to give the choice back to the other party.

I want you to be my girlfriend. You refused. The right to choose is in my hands. I can choose to continue chasing you or chasing others without any psychological burden.

If you do not refuse or agree, and delay for various reasons, the right to choose is in your hands. I don’t know when the boots will fall on your head.

This is the greatest selfishness and harm.

Even in love, we are not the only alternative, not to mention other things, in fact, you are not that important, you don’t have to worry that the person you refuse will be desperate, on the contrary, your refusal may make him spring.

No reason is needed for rejection, and the best reasons are not wanting to do it or inappropriate.

No matter how good the reason is, it is rejection.

When the result of rejection was presented, others were already thinking about how to find the next home. How could they have the intention to listen to you explain your unspeakable concealment.

Rejection is not ugly, but the gesture of not daring to refuse is ugly. You don’t want to pay and you want to be a good person. How can there be such a cheap thing in the world.

So, I only have three suggestions for rejecting this embarrassing thing:

Say no for the first time.

The shorter the reason, the better. Be more sincere and less routine. As long as you are worthy of your own heart, you don’t have to consider the other party’s ability to accept each other. Everyone is an adult. Who is responsible for whom?

Tell the other person that next time you have the ability and the opportunity is right, help.

In fact, few people are blacklisted because they are simply rejected. They will only reflect on themselves, re-evaluate the relationship between the two sides, and find a comfortable point to continue the relationship. This is a win-win outcome.