October 07, 2022

The so-called high emotional intelligence is to understand the sense of boundaries

In fact, the so-called emotional intelligence is nothing more than the grasp of boundaries. This boundary includes the boundary of time, the boundary of closeness and estrangement, and the boundary of occasion. People with high emotional intelligence are often the ones who accurately grasp the subtleties of such boundaries, fully consider the feelings of the other party, and make each other comfortable.

A person’s high EQ does not care how much you know, but lies in the ability to sense one’s own role in the environment and play this role well.

Each of us has our own boundaries. The so-called self-boundary refers to the rules, regulations, or limits created by individuals to distinguish what is reasonable and safe, how others treat themselves is allowed, and how they should respond when others cross these lines .

The so-called high EQ is nothing more than willingness to lower oneself, listen more, see more, feel more, in order to understand the boundaries of the other party better, and be willing to respect such boundaries.