September 27, 2022

Good relationships are all “troublesome”.

Many people are afraid to trouble others, but without bothering each other, the relationship will not be established.

People with this troublesome philosophy can hardly express their desire for relationships, so they are bound to retreat to loneliness. Then stretch out your arms if you still want to be embraced.

A good relationship can “trouble” each other. Everyone warms and helps each other, so that the relationship can be closer.

As long as it is not too demanding, you can rest assured to “trouble” friends.

The most fearful thing is: if you don’t say it, I don’t ask.

A lot of relationships just slowly become rusty, until they can no longer get close.

1. Knowing how to ask for help is a kind of wisdom

Living in the world, it is impossible for people to go smoothly all their lives. There are always difficulties and confusions. At this time, knowing how to ask people around for help is actually a great wisdom.

Everyone is eager to be needed. As long as it is not too demanding, others will be willing to help you. For helpers, this is also a joy.

A problem that you haven’t solved for a long time on your own may be just a matter of effort in the eyes of others.

Specialization in the technical profession, trouble others, can learn from others, can make greater progress.

Learning to ask for help from others is in a sense expanding your social circle, broadening your horizons, and becoming a better version of yourself.

Aristotle once said: Man is a social animal. People can’t completely leave the society and live alone. If you don’t want to trouble others, you have to bear many things on your own, including frustration.

Good relationships are caused by mutual troubles. Only when you have trouble with each other and have contact with each other can your feelings become deeper. Don’t have the mentality of “afraid of causing trouble to others”, it will become a barrier to the development of your relationship with others.

2. To trouble others, be grateful

Without trouble with each other, the relationship will not be established.

But to trouble others, you must know how to be grateful.

A good relationship is never one-way, it must be an interactive process.

With gratitude and helping each other, the relationship can last.

A good relationship must be troublesome to each other. One party pays and the other is grateful, so that it can last.

3. To trouble others, you must know how to score

Don’t bother others for trivial things that you can do by yourself.

Everyone is very busy, and trivial matters are troublesome to others.

Not to trouble friends casually is also a kind of self-cultivation.

Many people think, I rely on, such a small matter, what’s wrong with me to trouble you?

But over time, there is no trouble.

A friend is not a follower who is responsive. Don’t use trivial things to instigate a friend.

To trouble others is not without scale, you must have a sense of boundaries and sense of measure. Don’t bother others if you can solve things by yourself. Otherwise it will only be annoying.