September 27, 2022

Use empathy instead of compassion when comforting others

What is the difference between empathy and compassion? Empathy stimulates the connection between people and draws the relationship between people;

Compassion can alienate people and feel frustrated. It may not be specific enough to describe the difference between the two in this way.

There are four characteristics of empathy:

1. Accept his ideas, so you can understand the truth in their hearts

2. Don’t give criticism (this is not easy, because everyone likes criticism)

3. Understand the emotions of others

4. Communication

Empathy is a choice, easy to hurt, because you have to find similar connections, find out the emotions that can echo with him.

In fact, most responses are difficult to make things better, and what makes things better is the connection between people.

Finally, remember that when you want to comfort others, what you should give is not compassion, but empathy.